Nutrion Farms Warehouse

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Nutrion Farms Warehouse
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square B2
Danger Level Very High (?)

Nutrion Farms Warehouse is a place of interest in the north of Crescent Falls.


Nutrion Farms Warehouse is an area in the north consisting of a massive warehouse and old farming equipment. It is a large building featuring rows of small greenhouses and other farming machinery. It also has walkways running over the top of the building, which can be reached using one of the stairs on the outside, or by climbing through a hole in the roof from the inside. The roof provides a vantage point of the nearby area, as well as Hay Fields. There are a few smaller buildings around the perimeter of the location, which provide a bit more loot and cover aws well.


The Nutrion Farms Warehouse houses storage for the surrounding fields and for harvest that were about to be sent too Nutrion Farms Processing before the storm.

Among the rows of storage, small plants and farming equipment, prospectors should be careful as Marauders and other creatures have taken a liking to the area and blend into the environment.

Prospectors are expected to visit the area as part of the quest <ADD QUEST HERE> and it is highly common for drop pods to land in the north-west part of this location.


The loot of the area is mostly food-based and some industrial, both loose and inside Coolers, Dumpsters and other containers.

Common items to find as loose-loot in this area is Indigenous Fruit and Magic-GROW Fertilizer.

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