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North Uplink

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North Uplink
BS North Uplink 1.webp
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square D3
Danger Level Medium (?)
Faction ICA

North Uplink is a place of interest in the East part of Bright Sands, situated just North of Base Camp along the main road.


North Uplink is a circular two-story building close to Base Camp. It features an Uplink, a way to upgrade Data Drives to higher rarities.


The area is most commonly used for its Uplink in order to upgrade a Data Drive, but it also contains some loot as well as the House on Stilts, a location required for the ICA mission Doing The Work Part 6


North Uplink contains mostly loose loot and a few dumpsters. Some notable loot is Data Drives of low rarity occasionally spawning in the main building, as well as Radio Equipment, Hardened Metals, and other common and UncommonRarity.svgUncommon items.

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