Forest Crystal Seal

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Forest Crystal Seal
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square D5
Danger Level Extreme (?)
Faction Osiris

Crystal Seal is a place of interest in the south-west of Crescent Falls.


The Crystal Seal is an area in the south-west which houses an abundance of research equipment and camp, along with the uncovered entrance to the Crusher Caverns.


The area consists of a large excevation and research-equipment left behind during the evacuations.

Overrun by creatures, prospectors will be tasked to find and clear the area during the story quests.

Prospectors will also return to the area later on in order to enter the Crusher Caverns after receiving the quest Breaking and Entering - Part 1 and thus aquaring the Orbital Cannon Beacon.



There is research-based loose loot in the area along with Consumable Boxes, Cabinets, Ammo Boxes and Medical Cases.

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