East Collection Point

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East Collection Point
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square F3/F4
Danger Level Moderate
Faction Korolev

East Collection Point is a place of interest in the East part of Bright Sands, situated at a crossroad between North, East and Central parts of the map.


East Collection Point is one of the more notable areas on Bright Sands, connecting many other parts of the map together. As a deserted Korolev mining operation, the area exists of primarily an old Korolev building which goes down under ground and large fences around the area.


The area acts as an Evac Locations and a site for a Puzzle down in the basement. A prospector can expect to find industrial items scattered around the compound. The layout and general fortification with fences allows the area to act as a high-ground and can offer very intense engagements between prospectors.



There are several positions for lose-loot both around and inside the compound, as well as in the basement area. The Blue spherical buildings on the southern side of the compound can sometimes also contain a Blue Runner Egg.

Powerup puzzle

By completing the Puzzle down in the basement, a prospector may also unlock a room filled with Industrial Creates, a weapon box, jackets and a box containing one or several Miniature Reactor.

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