Pumpkin Fields

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Pumpkin Fields
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square B1-D1
Danger Level High

Hay Fields is a place of interest in the North-West of Crescent Falls.


Pumpkin Fields is situated on the Northern edge of the map, between Hay Fields to the south-west and landing pads for Starport Admin to the south-east.


The area is one of the most common areas for prospectors to drop down in as it is mostly free of overhanging foliage, allowing for a safe drop into the Crescent Falls area, but this also mean that other prospectors are likely to be close by.

Scattered around the Pumpkin Fields are old machinery, buildings and farming supplies, providing some cover for prospectors in an otherwise very open area.

In the eastern part of the area prospectors will be able to find one of the Evac Locations, situated just below a two-story building and a storage-building, offering safe travel back to the station.

Prospectors may also find the Nutrion Farms Warehouse situated inside Pumpkin Fields in the western part.



There is loose loot around the area, under tarps, near machinery and around the buildings. Coolers and Consumable boxes can be found as well.

Most of the loot in the area will be found inside Nutrion Farms Warehouse.

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