Osiris Wildlife Preserve

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Osiris Wildlife Preserve
CF Osiris Wildlife Preserve 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square E3/E4
Danger Level High (?)
Faction Osiris

Osiris Wildlife Preserve is a place of interest in the center of Crescent Falls.


Osiris Wildlife Preserve is an area in the center with a lot of creatures, shallow water running from waterfall outside Starport Warehouse and some research-buildings.


The area contains several research posts as well as old buildings containing research equipment and samples. One of these samples, the Warden Skull, is an objective for the quest Field Research - Part 9.

Large parts of the area consist of shallow water and rock-formations that separate it from Skeleton. There is also large mountains in the north, towards Starport Warehouse and Oasis, as well as in the west towards Starport Admin and Greens Prospect.

In the western mountains is also the Letium Cave and in the middle of the area is one of the Evac Locations for Crescent Falls.



There are some lose loot and Cabinets around the research posts and inside the buildings in the area. In the south, right next to Lakeside Building is a shack which contains Lockers, a Briefcase and some industrial loot.

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