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Jungle Thermal Ponds

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Jungle Thermal Ponds
CF Jungle Thermal Ponds 001.jpg
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square C3/B4
Danger Level High

Jungle Thermal Ponds is a place of interest in the North-West of Crescent Falls.


Jungle Thermal Ponds is an area in the North-West with active geysers. Standing on these geysers will activate them after a short delay, launching the player into the air. Fall damage is disabled when launched by a geyser.


The area allows for some cover for prospectors moving between areas and is a common route used for prospectors looking to visit Greens Prospect.

Notable features are the Letium Vein and the possible Crusher in the area, providing high value, but at high risk as the area is seen from most of the north-western and central parts of the map. Prospectors should

Prospectors should be especially careful with the Laser Drill as the Jungle Thermal Ponds sits at a lower elevation than the surrounding areas, giving hostile prospectors ability to easily get angles far up on the drill.


A small amount of loose loot and consumable containers can be found up in the Northern part of the area.

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