Fallen Tree

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Fallen Tree
Map Crescent Falls
Grid Square A4
Danger Level High
Faction None

Fallen Tree is a place of interest in the West part of Crescent Falls.


Fallen Tree is situated along the west road, next to Hay Fields, Jungle Thermal Ponds and the Crusher Caverns.


The area is mostly used as one of the Evac Locations on Crescent Falls. Due to its position that is relatively far from most of the populated areas, the Fallen Tree can often be a safe place to evac. A prospector should not let their guard down around Fallen Tree even if it is often calm, as there are numerous potentials for high ground, hidding spots and vantage points in and around the area. Too the south of the Fallen Tree is a small mountain pass which leads up to the Crusher Caverns entrance. Inside the tree itself is a nest of creatures of varying types, as well as along the tree on the east side on the road.


There is minimal amount of loot, mostly consisting of hidden stashes on the south side of the tree, below its roots. Some lose loot and lockers can be found in the buildings on the east side. There are also a lot of Brightcap Mushrooms inside Fallen Tree, as well as Pale Ivy Blossoms.

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