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A campaign is a term used to describe all the missions given out by a faction. This excludes Jobs. Missions are made up of multiple parts, each part being similar in requirements to a job. The missions typically have a story to them, as well as lore. A mission might have a unique story, or the story might be part of a larger story arc told over several missions.


Korolev missions generally involve mining and industrial processes.

Korolev Heavy Industries, the system's industrial powerhouse... and near monopoly. The megacorp came to Fortuna III early to exploit its resources, and sticks around now to make sure its claims don't lapse. Plus, they keep the lights on up here, for a nice profit. They want you to perform some simple tasks to prove your mettle. Don't disappoint!

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Time To Punch In Part 1 "Ah, a new Prospector! Korolev Heavy Industries will always have work for you... but maybe for now we start small. Find us some Nickel Prospector!"
Time To Punch In Part 2 "Good, good. You have seen the Striders on the surface, yes? Nasty things; show me you know how to deal with them."
Time To Punch In Part 3 "Some of our older machinery requires replacement parts to keep working. Maybe you can find us some on the surface, save us making new ones..."
Time To Punch In Part 4 "We plan to send a team down to the old Bright Sands Water Facility to salvage some special parts, but too many creatures nest there now. Go clear it the area out, OK?"
Time To Punch In Part 5 "We need some Circuit Boards... for a delicate matter. You need to find us some Flawed Veltecite, for the record, but don't forget those Circuit Boards!"

Tired of swinging that pickaxe yet? Want a new mining tool that'll turn those rocks to dust in just a few short seconds? Korolev's got you covered, if you complete these simple tasks for them.

This mission is unlocked by completing Time to Punch In Part 5.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
What A Tool Part 1 "A large order has come in for raw materials. Time to put that pickaxe to good use!"
What A Tool Part 2 "There's a new Mining Tool to make your life easier, Prospector. But building one requires parts we can't spare at the moment. Here, get us these so we can continue work."
What A Tool Part 3 "Show me that you know how to use a real, proper tool, Prospector! Use one of our guns to take down some Rattlers."
What A Tool Part 4 "We're missing some parts, but can't move them on the station without raising eyebrows. Get these items to the Swamp on Bright Sands."
What A Tool Part 5 "Good news bad news situation. Our prototype works, but it needs much stronger materials. Get us these, Prospector."

Now that you're part of the Korolev family, it's time to put some real work in. Korolev would send down its own teams to retrieve resources, but the planet's status as "Extremely Hazardous to Life" makes that slightly illegal. Plus, what kind of person would be crazy enough to go down there, anyway?

This mission is unlocked by completing Time to Punch In Part 5.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Good Honest Work Part 1 "Some journalists have talked their way through all the red tape and will be getting a tour of the old Dig Site soon. Soften up the area for them, I don't trust their security team alone will be up for the task."
Good Honest Work Part 2 "A new factory robot malfunctioned and took out another's eyes. It's best we don't advertise the accident, so get us replacement parts from the surface."
Good Honest Work Part 3 "One of our Researchers thinks mixing Pure Veltecite with Titan Ore can increase reactor efficiency. Get us what she needs to prove that theory."
Good Honest Work Part 4 "Defoaming reports show a big decline in our weapons landing the final blow, it makes Korolev look bad. Make sure other Prospectors understand Korolev is superior."
Good Honest Work Part 5 "Ah, just the prospector I needed! We need you to go back to the Dig Site, it seems there are some... matters that need to be handled before those journalists arrive for their tour. Some of the site's workers refused to follow evacuation procedures and the creatures got to them before our rescue teams; we'd like you to retrieve their cameras, to protect their dignity."
Good Honest Work Part 6 "A shipping accident damaged a crate full of Scrappers already marked for sale. Get us these parts so we can repair them before it becomes an issue."
Good Honest Work Part 7 "The Bright Sands Jungle area has an overpopulation problem, maybe you can be the solution?"
Good Honest Work Part 8 "Osiris are doing experiments with Meteor Fragments and Focus Crystals. Get us some samples, I want to find out what's so interesting..."
Good Honest Work Part 9 "Marauders are made of something much tougher than Striders. Kill one and bring back some of its remains, for testing."

Korolev found out that Crescent Falls, a once crucial Base of Operations for their Mining Parties, might have just finally been clearing up from all that Radiation again. You should head down there and see what's left. But make sure to gear up.

This mission is unlocked by completing Good Honest Work part 5.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Uncharted Territory Part 1 "Prospector. We've caught some of our Miners, loaded with illegally mined Veltecite, on their way back from an area called Crescent Falls. Korolev used to have some mining operations there, which had to be abandoned. Drop down there and see if its safe for us again!"
Uncharted Territory Part 2 "Wow. Some minor radiation, but nothing your suit can't handle... I think. Go back down there and find Greens Prospect, used to be the heart of our operations on Crescent Falls."
Uncharted Territory Part 3 "Excellent! Haha, who would have thought that after all this time we might be able to resume operations on Crescent Falls! If you're up to the challenge, go see if the old Nutrion Farms Warehouse is still intact. And bring us back some Brittle Titan Ore, should be a bit more common on Crescent Falls."
Uncharted Territory Part 4 "The Nutrion Farms on Crescent Falls used to produce a majority of the Calories we needed to maintain our Workforce back in the day using some strange-tasting Nutritional Bars. I forgot their Name. But see if you can find any of those!"

Veltecite fuels Prospect Station's power generators, foundries, engines, and is its main export. The few mineral deposits exposed to the surface can generally be found near water, but tracking one down can be time-consuming, and dangerous. Wouldn't it be nice to have an easier and faster way to get to it? Fortunately Korolev has a few techs working on just the thing.

This mission is unlocked by completing Good Honest Work Part 1.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Veltecite for the Masses Part 1 "Ah, Prospector, this will interest you. We think we can modify a Scanner to zero in on Veltecite; get us these parts so we can build a protype."

Gives access to buying the Veltecite Scanning Module at Korolev

All those ships and stations Korolev is known for? Titan Ore. It's as strong as it is precious, and also notoriously hard to find. Help Korolev out to gain access to a new Scanner Attachement for it!

This mission is unlocked by completing Good Honest Work Part 2.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Titan Hunter Part 1 "One of our top engineers believes Prospectors are using radios on the surface to affect his dreams. It's absurd, but he's irreplaceable. Do this and maybe he'll think you took care of them..."
Titan Hunter Part 2 "With that sorted, maybe he'll finally finish this project. Get us Titan Ore to test his new scanner mod, Prospector. A small price for progress, eh?"

Gives access to buying the Titan Ore Scanning Module at Korolev

Focus Crystals are a staple in many new electronics, particularly those built in the Fortuna system. It would be nice if some of those electronics could help with locating them, and with the right materials the techs at Korolev might have just the thing.

This mission is unlocked by completing Good Honest Work Part 9.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Focuseds on Crystal Part 1 "We have a new Scanner mod in the works, one that can find Focus Crystals. We'll need some high purity samples for callibration."

Gives access to buying the Focus Crystal Scanning Module at Korolev

Stable Letium? It's an important discovery; the compound has so far only been collected as a volatile, quickly decaying gas, and it's not exactly safe to handle. What little has been collected so far revolutionized Veltecite refining, having a stable source of both would be massive... for Korolev's profits. Definitely worth investigating!

This mission is unlocked by completing Good Honest Work Part 9.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
A Powerful Discovery Part 1 "A civy retrieval team operating in Crescent Falls brought back the remains of an old miner. That wouldn't normally concern us, but they were covered in solidified Letium, at room temperature... We have a log of the sites they visited before expiring, check them out for us."
A Powerful Discovery Part 2 "The Federal Authority is upgrading some of its arsenal, and they've taken interest in our PKR Maelstrom. Take one down to the planet and gather some good real-use stats with it for us, OK?"
A Powerful Discovery Part 3 "Prospector! We believe we've located where our Letium-covered friend was working, and our records show that at the time he was with one of our best mudloggers. Head out and find their remains, there might be something to this!"
A Powerful Discovery Part 4 "We need our science team to check these sites, but we can't send a full escort detail without being noticed. Clear the areas out, make it safe for our people to continue their work."
A Powerful Discovery Part 5 "The ICA has started inspecting every ship coming back from the surface, "for security purposes". They know we're onto something... Our team on the planet will need supplies to keep working, it's up to you to deliver them."
A Powerful Discovery Part 6 Our team still can't get out, but their research can. Find an Uplink station, your credentials should get us the data they've stored in the surface network.
A Powerful Discovery Part 7 "ICA are only inspecting arrivals from Crescent Falls, so our team on the planet needs supplies to hike to Bright Sands and evac from there. They've identified what they need at these locations; clear them out so they can move in safely."

Those science people may be busy trying to understand what it is they just discovered, but there's always more work a resourceful prospector like you can do to keep Korolov on top.

This mission is unlocked by completing A Powerful Discovery Part 2.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Time for More Work Part 1 "Creatures from the Jungle are still bleeding into nearby sites. Thin their numbers."
Time for More Work Part 2 "A group of delegates from a trading partner will be visiting us soon, and they always expect gifts. See if you can find something shiny for them."
Time for More Work Part 3 "Our small arms team is working on iterations to new SMG type weapons and could do with more real world data. Give them a good show."
Time for More Work Part 4 "One of our agents operating in Bright Sands needs to replace their equipment. Stash these items at the Base Camp for them."

A lot of questions remain about how to stabilize Letium for safe and easy exploitation; with what's already been recovered and studied, Letium could be used not just to refine Veltecite, but trigger all sorts of other reactions in more common materials. Help Korolev with what they need and their discoveries might even surpass the brains at Osiris!

This mission is unlocked by completing A Powerful Discovery Part 7.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Research Costs Part 1 "Our researchers on the station have been analyzing the data you retrieved, and have requested a few items to speed things up. I suggest checking old Osiris labs, I'm sure they won't mind."
Research Costs Part 2 "It seems some creatures have higher concentrations of Letium than others... My people want some very specific samples now: head to the abandoned Dig Site mine in Bright Sands and hunt down what you can."
Research Costs Part 3 "We haven't heard from our ground team in days... The Cycle is stronger in the wilds, their equipment may have malfunctioned. Take this Radio Equipment down to Bright Sands stashes; with luck we're right and they'll make contact!"
Research Costs Part 4 "We've contacted an Osiris scientist willing to switch to help with our Letium research, but they'll only take payment in Veltecite, off the books. Deliver some to this Dead Drop on Crescent Falls."
Research Costs Part 5 "Our new scientist friend believes Osiris was already researching the presence of Letium in various creatures. Head to their main lab on Bright Sands and bring back whatever samples they were studying."

Unlocks Tharis Island.

Research Costs Part 6 "Our team made it back home! It will be a while before they can get back to work... why not take some time and let everyone Korolev is still king of the hill?"
Research Costs Part 7 "Our people have been able to extract stable Letium from biological samples, but they need more to test with. Hunt down some more creatures, for science."
Research Costs Part 8 "We've narrowed down the process that allows these creatures to absorb and stabilize Letium. Get us more samples, we're close to a breakthrough!"
Research Costs Part 9 "Our research is nearly complete! Now we just need you to use the Uplink facilities on Crescent Falls; we should be able to use recent surface scans of the area to locate Letium vents."

This mission is unlocked after completing Research Costs Part 5.

Fortuna III's surface was riddled with active mining and research sites before the storms hit, but the planet's new exotic radiation field leaves only a scarce few accessible today. One of particular interest, Tharis Island, has recently been deemed safe to explore. Well, safe from the radiation and the worst of the storms, at least.

Vadim wants you to explore the old Korolev mining operation there; for some reason his predecessor became obsessed with the twisting caverns that make up the island's central feature, but the records are scarce and full of holes. Perhaps he found something precious, a secret treasure to deliver a clear edge over the competition?

Name Description Tasks Rewards
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 1 "Your raids of old Osiris data unearthed something I had forgotten about, Tharis Island. We had a small base on it excavating something rare, very very valuable. Our charts say the radiation has almost become safe there now... maybe you can have a look, take care of some of the creatures there for us."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 2 "Aha, so the situation is not as bad as feared. Our installation on the island had... issues, even before the storms. What information Gregor... my predecessor, left, it does not clear up what happened. Prospector, I need you to search for the remains of site's Chief Engineer, he would have kept a detailed logbook of everything going on there."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 3 "There is a lot to go through here: accounts of illnesses, accidents, some kind of forbidden area... But the site was still made to operate, harvesting something called 'Spine Briars'. They must have been very valuable, to keep the men working under these conditions; acquire some, and stash them at our old outpost."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 4 "Evidently the word has spread quickly that Tharis Island is again safe to step on, and already there are looters hired out to pilfer our property. Take one of our weapons and make an example of them, Prospector."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 5 "Another lead has come up from the logbook you recovered; one of the team's geologists was collecting a 'strange ore'. I can't tell what that means, but I do have her last known location before her transponder went dark. Go investigate, see what you can bring back for us."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 6 "What you brought back, it's definitely not natural. 'Tharis Iron', is what they called it, and I can see why it became a priority for Gregor to recover more. I need you to find the site's old mining machines, so we can know if proper exploitation had started, if there may have been more brought out before the operation ended."
  • Find the first Mining Machine
  • Find the second Mining Machine
  • Find the third Mining Machine
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 7 "Our researchers want more of these exotic samples, they believe they might interact with eachother under the right conditions. Bring back enough Teratomorphic Crystals and Tharis Iron for the scientists to play their games."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 8 "To nobody's surprise, least of all mine, those experiments did not lead to anything useful. Ah well, I can always rely on you to get us more samples... Speaking of which, a prospector I had hired to collect more Tharis Iron reported finding what they called a 'pure sample', before some creatures scared him off. Maybe you can retrieve it for us?"
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 9 "Ah, this Refined Tharis Iron is definitely something... we just don't know what, yet, or how to convert the 'normal' alien ore into it. I already know what the next requisition order will list, so just get me more of this refined ore, and more Teratomorphic Crystals to replenish our stock."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 10 "Nothing is working out! Nothing you brought back is natural, but it's useless! Why would Gregor expend so many resources on these alien trinkets? Why oversee the operation himself, off the books? This alien business, it's for other people to care about... HQ would have never approved the expenditure without results, so what did he know?

Prospector, I need you to head to the areas they marked off as 'forbidden', clear out any creatures there; I need a Korolev team down there to finally figure all this out!"

In a Deep Dark Hole Part 11 "I had thought the reports of sickness were fake, lazy workers or a way to get more funding, but it appears prospectors like you have built up some sort of immunity to whatever ails those hellish caverns; within minutes half my team experienced extreme migraines, and the other half were outright delerious! The Chief Engineer's logbook mentions a medical report, but there's nothing official logged or approved by my predecessor. Head down again and recover it for me, Prospector, I need to know what happened there."
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 12 "We've mapped out the areas my men can access safely, and what machinery may still be in operational condition. It will be some time before I can send anyone back into those caverns, not with last team still out of commission, but we'll need fuel for the machines ready for when I do. Stash some Letium Clots at these locations; it will help us kickstart the operation, again."
KMarks.png 294000 K-Marks
Korolev Scrip.png 117 Korolev Scrip
In a Deep Dark Hole Part 13 "The records you brought back... they paint a bad picture. One of Gregor's trusted men went missing down there carrying the only true records of the operation, and evidence that he just kept sending more and more men down to die. Head to the abyss, Prospector, find out what this is all about, and store it in one of our safe stashes."

Few tools are more important to a prospector than a good backpack, and the prize for helping Korolev with a few extra tasks might even be described as 'Epic'.

This mission is unlocked by completing Research Costs Part 3.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Crafting Better BagsPart 1 "The synthetics team is close to a breakthrough on a lighter and more durable fabric, but they've run out of basic resources. We can't wait for a restock, get them what they need."
Crafting Better Bags Part 2 "Excellent... now we just need enough raw materials for a sample run. Getting these shouldn't be an issue for you, right?"

Time to build a machine capable of safely (well, relatively) extracting and processing Flaked Letium from the surface. Fortunately Korolev used to operate Mobile Mining Platforms, giant laser drills that would float through the peaceful skies of Fortuna III in search of mineral veins to exploit. The days those things could be safely operated are long gone, but they're just the thing we need now to mine for Letium, with some assistance on the ground.

This mission is unlocked by completing Research Costs Part 9.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Heavy Construction Part 1 "Extracting Letium from the surface will require heavy machinery. Heavy, durable, machinery, like the old Veltecite Laser Drills. Get us these materials, Prospector, and we can begin crafting a good frame for our new drilling platform."
Heavy Construction Part 2 "There's not point in reinventing the wheel! Head out to the crashed Laser Drill on Bright Sands, there should still be some tech we can salvage to use for our prototype drill, it would save us a lot of time... and money."
Heavy Construction Part 3 "Something different this time... We need efficiency data on Shotgun style weapons to help improve our own. This shouldn't take you long, I hope."
Heavy Construction Part 4 "Our hunt for parts continues. Ordering these off the market would take forever, and attract too much attention. Thankfully, we have you!"
Heavy Construction Part 5 "Our Osiris "friend" is expecting another payment to continue their services. See that they get what they want."
Heavy Construction Part 6 "Our drilling platform is nearly complete! Now we just need parts for its laser drill... It won't be of much use without it!"
Heavy Construction Part 7 "Our Osiris scientist plans to leave Fortuna, and is holding back the final key details needed to fully stabilize Letium until their last payment! You'll need to get me what they want, quick!"
Heavy Construction Part 8 "We have to hold on our efforts, Osiris suspects we're to blame for one of their top people suddenly quitting. I imagine they'll ease off if they see your efforts on the planet are purely unscientific."
Heavy Construction Part 9 "The Laser Drill needs something with more kick than even Veltecite. Get us some Meteor Cores, that should be enough for our first drill!"

Gives access to Printing the Laser Drill Beacon.

Crushers aren't known for their curiosity, or really anything other than very efficiently crushing things, which on the off chance they pay a visit to a Laser Drill, it's best we all know you're up to the task of taking one down. Good hunting, Prospector!

This mission is unlocked by completing Heavy Construction Part 6.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Crush Hazard Part 1 "One of our researchers is concerned that Crushers are an unstoppable force that could easily wreck our mining platforms. I'm sure you can prove them wrong!"

With the Laser Drill complete, it's up to you to test it out and finally retrieve some Letium for Korolev. Remember to be careful, that thing will draw a lot of unwanted attention during descent, and it'll take a while to produce results!

This mission is unlocked by completing Crush Hazard Part 1.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
The Test Run Part 1 "Finally! Our first Laser Drill is fully operational, and you get to test it! Locate a Letium vent, plant a beacon, and operate the platform. Return to me once you have our prize!"


ICA missions are fairly generic and involve a variety of tasks.

The Independent Civilian Advisory are all about keeping Prospect Station afloat and everyone in it alive. Will you step up and help? A talented prospector could benefit from being on their good side...

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Your Civic Duty Part 1 "Welcome! The ICA is always looking for new Prospectors to work with, but let's see if you have what it takes. Can you get us this item from the surface?"
Your Civic Duty Part 2 "Great! We're always in need of basic materials to help maintain this station and all its thousands of parts. Speaking of which..."
Your Civic Duty Part 3 "Critters at the Lagoon on Bright Sands have been getting in the way of our Salvage Troops. Killing a few should scare them off for a while."
Your Civic Duty Part 4 "Some of our air filters are starting to show wear; get me these parts so we can fix them up before they fail."
Your Civic Duty Part 5 "A lot of our crafts use Azure Tree Bark, but it's hard to obtain with all the dangerous creatures on the surface. Clear out the old Woodcutter Camp on Bright Sands, and bring back some wood while you're at it."

An energetic engineer wants to develop a new kind of grenade, something particularly useful for anyone adventuring on the planet's surface. A decoy of some kind, to throw off rivals and bait hostile creatures, might be just the thing!

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Audiophiles Beware Part 1 "Good to see you again! As you know the ICA likes to tinker and create its own tools, and I think prospectors like you will like what we're fixing up now! But first, you'll need to stash a few grenades for us, over in the Swamp."
Audiophiles Beware Part 2 "Very good! We needed those for some live testing on the ground, see what works best against the planet's creatures. On that note, we need some more materials for our prototypes; fetch us these, OK?"
Audiophiles Beware Part 3 "The project's head engineer insists on building some of these new grenades on the planet itself, says it makes them 'authentic' and 'part of the planet'... Not worth arguing about. Make sure she gets the equipment she needs to work, back in the Swamp."

Thousands of people live on Prospect Station without any concept of what it takes to keep the lights on. The ICA needs brave prospectors risking it all to operate on the planet, so they can keep things running in orbit. There's evidence one such prospector got stranded on the surface, now it's up to you to help track them down. Despite all the violence and rivalry, nobody deserves to be left alone on Fortuna III.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Doing the Work Part 1 "I'm glad you're here, something has just come and we need someone on the surface. An evac ship pilot caught sight of an 'SOS' after trying a new approach for the first time, but saw nobody in the area. We're not sure how long it's been there, but I'd like you to check the area for me."
Doing the Work Part 2 "I'm not surprised you didn't find anyone... I think I know who left the SOS there, it's something he joked about in case he ever got stranded. Check this next location for me, Prospector."
Doing the Work Part 3 "So it was Tao, damn it. He took up prospecting in the early days, before word got out... and before foam kits came standard. Some said he must have just made it big and sneaked off to another system, but I never believed that. I have a lot to think about... and more work for you."
Doing the Work Part 4 "The ICA may run this station, but its Korolev that owns the veltecite refiners needed to generate its power. The ICA funded research for alternative power sources, before the evacuations. Head down there and get us our data back."
Doing the Work Part 5 "I'm organizing a team to scout Bright Sands for Tao's comm signal; if he came close enough to an active repeater it should be logged in the network. And I need you to stash some spare equipment for them, just in case."
Doing The Work Part 6 "We found a number of candidate locations Tao could have visited, but there's one only a skilled prospector can access. Head there, and check the nearby Uplink; if I kno- knew, Tao, he'll have saved something for us to find."
KMarks.png 13000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 4 ICA Scrip
Doing the Work Part 7 "At least I finally know for sure. I have a lot to go through from the data you retrieved, but it looks like Tao was thinking ahead, as always. He knew power would become an issue, and found something that could help. For now, get us Fusion Batteries, it's what he was looking for on his last drop. And shoot some aliens for him while you're down there, he'd have liked that."
Doing the Work Part 8 "Tao collected a lot of old research, it's hard to tell what's useful and what's just theory. Stash these items at the Bright Sands' Base Camp, I'll send someone down there to run some tests on the surface, don't want to risk blowing a hole out of the station."

The ICA are developing a new grenade type, equipped with lethal toxic gasses. Help them get what they need, those things would be great for area denial... or getting rid of anyone holed up in a fortified position.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Toxic Love Part 1 "There was something that will interest you among all the data you recovered; get these items to the Comms Tower stash and we can begin working on a new kind of grenade."
KMarks.png 10000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 8 ICA Scrip
Toxic Love Part 2 "We'll need something 'special' for these; head down and retrieve these items for us, then we'll have a crack at synthesizing the right juices to make this work. I think you'll love the results..."

Prospect Station's power woes may soon be over. You just need to retrieve some very delicate machinery, get some highly radioactive meteor fragments, and help the ICA build a highly experimental power generator. A prospector's life is definitely never boring.

This mission is unlocked by completing Doing the Work Part 8.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Project Fireball Part 1 "Our people have gone through more of the data Tao recovered, and this might just make sense. We'll need some mag stabs to start our tests, and more importantly, Meteor Fragments."
Project Fireball Part 2 "This sort of research requires equipment we don't have at hand, and I know Osiris isn't just going to give it to us... Check these locations and get us some Co-Tec Multitools, Prospector."
Project Fireball Part 3 "There were quite a few people involved with this research, it doesn't make sense that it was just forgotten. There should be more research kept in the surface power plants' head offices; check the one on Bright Sands first."
KMarks.png 7800 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 11 ICA Scrip
Project Fireball Part 4 "This looks very promising, if what the research you brought back is accurate, not only would we be solving our power issues here, but we'd have something to compete with Korolev's veltecite monopoly everywhere! There's references to a prototype being built at the Crescent Falls Power Plant; head there and find whatever you can, quick as you can!"
Project Fireball Part 5 "I read through the report you brought back; it's not the easy win I had hoped for, but my people assure me they can make improvements on the original designs to make it work. We'll need some meteor cores first, of course. Oh, and take out some other prospectors; reports of increased violence should keep any Korolev people on the field away, don't want them getting curious about what we're up to."
KMarks.png 31000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 14 ICA Scrip
Project Fireball Part 6 "I'm preparing to send a team down to the surface to finalize a prototype and run tests well away from the station; everyone assures me it's safe, but I've read the warning myself. I need you to cull the number of creatures at these locations, it should make life for my people easier."
Project Fireball Part 7 "One of the supply crates for our project was left open under the rain, damaged most of the contents and now my team needs replacement parts. Stash them somewhere safe, we need to finish that prototype."

Unlocks Tharis Island.

The ICA has been monitoring a decrease in radiation levels over a small island for some time now, and now they want you to go down there and figure what happened to a group of missing colonists.

Not much is known about the island or why the corps set up shop there, but Marie hopes you'll find clues as to what happened to the colonists at the Korolev and Osiris installations. And while you're there, maybe you could look into why the corps were so interested in the island's caverns in the first place...

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Race to the Bottom Part 1 "There is a special task I would like you to carry out for us, Prospector. Some time ago we detected a new window in the TEF, the radiation field around the planet, over a small island; we kept that information to ourselves for as long as we could to run our own recon, but the information is public now.

The window barely covers a Korolev mining site, but it was the last stop of a civilian evac ship; logs show it never made it off the island, with over a dozen of our people on board. Will you help us find out what happened to them?"

KMarks.png 10000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 26 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 2 "Killed... with guns and blades. By other people. I don't know how to convey this to the families, the ones that were still... just waiting.

Old records don't say much about the island just mentions of a large cavern near the surface, an Atrium. Check there for, well, anything. There must be an explanation for what happened. A reason."

KMarks.png 10000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 26 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 3 "The diary you brought back to us only leaves me with more questions. Whoever attacked the site went after Osiris' first, all their researchers and the lab itself. Then Korolev, but they were prepared... When the evac ship arrived, it was overrun and the survivors scattered, with some making it to the Korolev encampent.

I don't have any more data on the cavern systems the corps were so interested in... hell, there's barely any records on the island at all! Osiris' people have always been fastidious about logging everything; search through their lab for a logbook or a map, anything that can help us understand the area."

KMarks.png 11000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 4 "There are rumors spreading around about this island, that the creatures there are tougher and the storms wilder. I need you to put that talk to rest: take out some Marauders during the height of a storm, prove that it's safe to travel to. Well, as safe as it can be, for you prospectors."
KMarks.png 11000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 5 "I've done some digging around old files, and some prodding of old corp drones with a dim view of their former employers. The attacks weren't a surprise, they'd been happening for weeks before the final evac. And neither corporation ever made them public, never mind thought to pull out. Whatever they were looking for, it was worth sacrificing their own people for. Please, bring back whatever samples from those caverns you can find."
KMarks.png 33000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 48 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 6 "What you delivered was definitely unique, but it doesn't seem more special than Veltecite, or any number of the other rare materials found on the surface. Though I should leave our scientists to decide that, I suppose.

Maybe you'll find something at the Korolev camp? The workers wouldn't have been allowed to record anything, but maybe one of the colonists that took shelter with them did?"

KMarks.png 13000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 48 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 7 "We only managed to recover a few fragments of the videolog you recovered, but what I've seen was enough. The corps held back on evacs until it was too late, despite the encroaching storms and increasing attacks from some savage 'cultists'. They were still down there working as the rest of the planet was being abandoned, still hoping to find something in those caverns. And now they're back at it, sending prospectors down to continue their work.

Send a message for us, the corps need to know when to quit."

KMarks.png 14000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 64 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 8 "I've been reviewing more of the recordings you brought back to us, and something stood out, from one of the Osiris favilities. Recent images I've seen of the area from other Prospectors show a new door where there wasn't one in the footage; somehow, Osiris managed to not only get a team down there while the TEF radiation was at its highest, but even do some renovation work! I had someone go take a closer look at it, but they were chased away and dropped the sample they managed to pry off; can you retrieve it for us?."
KMarks.png 14000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 64 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 9 "That door? It's not made of any alloy we've seen used before. There are mentions of some sort of new metal Osiris was studying, 'Tharis Iron'; could that be what they used here? What the corps were so desperate for? But why use it just to build a vault door and nothing else? We need a better sample of this material, maybe then we'll get some answers."
KMarks.png 16000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 87 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 10 "Whatever this stuff you got us is, we don't have the tools to study it properly. The corps have a stranglehold on all the good scientific equipment on the station... but not on the surface. Head to Osiris' Pinnacle Labs on Crescent Falls, I know that place still has top tier gear, even if Sullivan's abandoned it all as 'obsolete junk'."
KMarks.png 15000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 87 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 11 "We've determined only that we don't know what this stuff is. High concentration of iron, some chromium and nickel, and some elements the machine refuses to identify; otherwise this just seems like a substandard steel alloy with weird patterns. So, is it just because it's rare? Because it's 'alien'? People died, for this? And now Korolev and Osiris are investing in the area, again! You need to go down there, make a mess, make them rethink how 'safe' those damned caverns are!"
KMarks.png 17000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 117 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 12 "I think it's time we send a clearer message; the corps might not care if the cannonfodder they send down come back encased in foam each time, but I know they'll listen if their precious machines and sacred caves get turned to rubble. Find Derelict Explosives and some NiC Oil Cannisters and stash them near each corp's compound, our people will handle the rest."
KMarks.png 276000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 117 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 13 "The Council expressed 'strong concerns' over my proposed plan, so for now the corps get to keep their toys and playground. But we won't just sit around and do nothing. I've checked location data on all the old Osiris researchers when they first went dark; hopefully their remains are still around, along with data on whatever they were doing down there."
KMarks.png 18000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 158 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 14 "We're looking into all this... both Korolev and Osiris found these rare materials in the caverns, but only the eggheads in white really cared about what it was. Korolev's apparent interest seemed to be just raw exploitation, as usual, but there are mentions of missing Korolev mining parties and a constant flow of new workers. The only thing I'm sure of so far is neither corp has gotten what they want out of the place, not yet. Let's see if we can keep it that way; go down there and cause some chaos."
KMarks.png 62000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 158 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 15 "If you find some more NiC Oil Cannisters or Old Currency, bring it to me, and I'll grease some palms to get some Korolev machinery sabotaged. It might not put a permanent stop to their operations on the planet, but it'll be more acceptable to the Council... supposing they actually find out about it."
KMarks.png 414000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 214 ICA Scrip
Race to the Bottom Part 16 "Things are getting out of control, now there are parties interested in all this alien metal we didn't know even had a presence on the station. If what the Osiris' people believed is true, that this is some sort of programmable smart metal centuries ahead of our own tech, then we can't let the wrong people get their hands on it! I have the location of another scientist; retrieve whatever data they had, and leave purging any existing research data on the matter to us. Thank you, Prospector."

The ICA often receives job commissions and requests for prospectors to carry out, acting as a sort of middleman to access the planet. Handling these jobs keeps the ICA happy, and they pay well enough, too.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Working for the Community Part 1 "Good, you're here. We have a request from a former colonist to stash some items on the surface. We get these from time to time; it started out as people hoping their loved ones were still down there, in need of supplies... These days it's just a ritual for them. I guess this is how weird traditions start, huh?"
Working for the Community Part 2 "Another prospector took a bad beating in Crescent Falls; foam kit failed to deploy fully and left his arm exposed. Not much left of it when the retrieval bot got to him, and he wants revenge. I hope you can satisfy his request?"
KMarks.png 10000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 26 ICA Scrip
Working for the Community Part 3 "Fruit from Fortuna III fetches a nice price in the Artery systems, rare delicacy from a deadly world and all that. Growing it on the station would be a lot easier, don't you think?"

Things didn't work out with the prototype power generator, but at least it didn't blow up. The research you gathered hinted at another project, so there's still some hope the ICA can find alternative power source and get out from under Korolev's thumb.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Never Give Up Part 1 "Project Fireball was a bust, barely any power output before all the safeties kicked in and deadlocked the system. At least we have a lead on alternative, something called 'NiC' they were searching for in several locations. Head to the first one on the list for me, once it's clear I can send a few people down to investigate."
KMarks.png 11000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 35 ICA Scrip
Never Give Up Part 2 "This whole ordeal has sapped too many of our funds and resources, we need to get back in people's minds, and their cash in our pockets. I want you to head to the old Geothermal Plant and remind anyone in the area that ICA sells the best weaponry. And bring back some loot while you're in the area, for the sake of appearances."
Never Give Up Part 3 "Another location mentioned is around the Skeleton Research area; head there and clear it out. Hrmm, the wrong people might start getting curious about what we're up to... bring back some Rattler Skins and salvaged equipment; you know, normal prospector work."

Some more private work has come up, and you're the right Prospector for the job.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Private Business Part 1 "I've been sitting on a fairly 'particular' commission from an out of system arms company for some time, but I think you're up to the task. They want 'real world' data on the efficacy of pistols used against other armed opponents. Fortuna III's peculiar legal status and the use of emergency foam kits makes it a perfect testing ground, you see."
KMarks.png 13000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 48 ICA Scrip
Private Business Part 2 "We have reports of increased creature activity in several locations; go to each and thin out their numbers."
KMarks.png 14000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 64 ICA Scrip
Private Business Part 3 "A private researcher has requested we help them acquire certain creature parts; apparently they usually got them from Osiris for free, but they've cut off his supply after some personal dispute."

Marie's research team has only found a of tarry liquid reminiscent of crude oil, but it doesn't burn easily. Never mind that actual crude would need more power to get out of orbit and onto the station than it could ever generate... Someone thought it was worth looking into, though, and the ICA is getting desperate.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Back to Basics Part 1 "Our people on the surface analyzed everything at the locations you cleared, and they only found some crude oil-like sludge, but it barely burns. It might be nothing, but it's the only outlier. They need specialized equipment to transport samples back home, stash what they need at the Nutrion Farms Office, Prospector."
KMarks.png 18000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 48 ICA Scrip
Back to Basics Part 2 "While our people look into the 'crude' samples, there might be something we can search for in the surface networks about it; you'll need to check Uplink stations on Crescent Falls, then we can see if there's anything there about that makes sense out of this."
Back to Basics Part 3 "This stuff is actual crude oil... mixed with billions upon billions of dead nanobots. It must have been used by the Progenitors to help terraform the planet! My predecessors from before the storms set up some pumps to collect the stuff; head to them and retrieve what you can."
KMarks.png 13000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 48 ICA Scrip
Back to Basics Part 4 "We finally know that 'NiC' stands for Nanite-infused Crude. Someone figured out a way to the trigger a reaction in the nanobots' own batteries and get a small burst of energy from them; not much, but with billions of bots in a liter of NiC, it could be the answer to our energy troubles. Now, we just need to build some pumps! Get us these materials so we can fix up a first batch."
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 64 ICA Scrip
Back to Basics Part 5 "While we work on building those pumps, a request from a local artist has come in for Hardened Bone Plates; they apparently make for a good crafting material. Kill some Marauders and complete the order for us, please."
Back to Basics Part 6 "Getting these pumps to work isn't as simple as we'd hoped. The pumps need to refine the NiC to eliminate as much crude as possible and concentrate the nanites in one convenient package ready for use, and that process requires some high tech components, not just a 'crude' oil pump... Here's what we need for now."
Back to Basics Part 7 "That Dr. Sullivan is starting to poke around and ask questions, he likes to think Osiris are the only ones that can do any research around here. But if he's curious, then so is that Korolev snake. Head to the surface and perform some 'live' tests with ICA guns, and I'll spread scuttlebutt that we're workng on new weapon improvements."
KMarks.png 17000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 117 ICA Scrip
Back to Basics Part 8 "You're back just in time; the tech guys have a new list of things they need to finalize NiC refiner and install them in the pumps. After that it will just be a matter of calling them down in the right spot..."

Gives access to Printing the Oil Pump Beacon.

You may be able to stumble upon a good oil well by chance, but the ICA can't depend on just dumb luck alone if they want this project to succeed. A new mod for your Scanner will ensure you always know where to call down Oil Pumps.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
An Eye for Oil Part 1 "We've got working oil pumps, but the yield will never be what we need if we don't know where the best wells are. Thankfully we have plans for a new Scanner mod, able to pinpoint any nearby concentrations of nanites. Get us these items and we'll get one made as soon as we can."
KMarks.png 27000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 158 ICA Scrip
An Eye for Oil Part 2 "Excellent, but you're not done yet. These are the last components we need, I promise."
KMarks.png 42000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 214 ICA Scrip

Gives access to buying the Crude Oil Scanning Module

It's finally time to put everything together and drill for oil! If the ICA can get enough concentrated NiC back onto Prospect Station, they'll be able to keep everything powered on their own, free from the exploitative prices Korolev charges. A lot is riding on this, Prospector.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Put to the Test Part 1 "We've gotten reports of Crushers near several of the candidate locations for our oil pump test runs. If one of those beasts wanders into the area while the pumps are running, I don't imagine they'd just leave them alone. I'm putting out contracts for Crusher kills; you can take on the first."
Put to the Test Part 2 "Time to see if our plans will pay out. Use your new Scanner mod find wells, place oil pumps, and bring back some NiC Cannisters. If this works, the entire station will be in your debt, Prospector!"

Name Description Tasks Rewards
The Community Needs You Part 1 "Don't spread this around, but the freighter bringing fresh supplies for the station isn't just 'running late', it's missing. Our inventory on several items is already low and getting worse by the day. Thankfully the planet has all we need... it's just 'a bit' hard to get to. Here's a list of what we need the most."
KMarks.png 25000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 87 ICA Scrip
The Community Needs You Part 2 "I've been stumped trying to find a birthday gift for one of ICA's oldest members, but I think I've finally got it. This woman holds a real grudge against rattlers, says no matter she went in the final evac days, they were there hounding her. Head to these locations and take some out, I'm sure she'll love the footage."
KMarks.png 15000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 87 ICA Scrip
The Community Needs You Part 3 "I appreciate you doing that for me... but I have one more thing to ask. If you could get me some rattler skins and bone plates, it'll make the presentation of my gift so much better. Thank you!"
KMarks.png 41000 K-Marks
ICA Scrip.png 117 ICA Scrip
Advocate.png1 Advocate


Osiris missions generally involve flora- and fauna-related things. This includes gathering flora such as Brightcap Mushroom.pngBrightcap Mushrooms, or killing fauna such as Striders.

Osiris came to Fortuna III to investigate the alien ruins, largely thought to be terraformers by an ancient civilization known as "Progenitors". Helping them may unlock the secrets of the planet's deadly storms and its exotic radiation. Or at least, it'll unlock access to more advanced Osiris gear and medical items.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Dangerous Science Part 1 "Another Prospector? I guess we could use the muscle. Show me you know how to handle yourself on the surface, then we'll talk."
Dangerous Science Part 2 "Not bad. I'm always in need of samples from the surface for our research. See if you can get me some of these."
Dangerous Science Part 3 "My team has seen an increase in Strider population in the Bright Sands Swamp; take down some of those creatures and return with the right samples."
Dangerous Science Part 4 "Brightcaps are a marvel, one of only a handful of organisms originating from Earth to mutate into something new. Get me fresh samples, and get rid of the Blast Ticks that feast on them while you're at it."
Dangerous Science Part 5 "We need to run some tests on how the creatures of Fortuna III identify each other, how they tell friend from foe. These samples should advance our research."

You've met up to Sullivan's standards, a feat few manage. Now that you've proven yourself capable, he might send you to investigate some of the planet's old mysteries.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Field Research Part 1 "You've proven to be more capable than the average prospector, so this shouldn't be too complicated. Clear out any hostile fauna at our old Science Campus on Bright Sands, and get me some Optic Glass while you're down there. Remember to be careful with it."
Field Research Part 2 "The Lake in Bright Sands is home to a few very valuable endemic creatures, but the explosion in rattler and strider populations have all but pushed them out of their habitat. Cull their numbers, help return the balance."
Field Research Part 3 "I've been looking through old notes from before the evacuations and come upon something... interesting. There were some unique bone samples found at the Archeology site, distinctly mutated; retrieve them for me."
Field Research Part 4 "Ah, you might appreciate this next job. Osiris Defense Systems R&D wants field data on our current weapons. As used on... real targets. I do hope you can figure out what to do."
Field Research Part 5 "One of our more 'hands-on' researchers forgot how to pack their tool bag, and another picked a fight with some thorn bushes and lost. Again. Anyways, stash some Med Kits and a Biological Sampler for them at these locations."
Field Research Part 6 "We sent another prospector for a simple milk run to the Vaccine Labs, and they've yet to return. I suspect due to the mass of creatures that've recently made the area their nest. Pacify the area, and while you're down there, get me some Pale Ivy."
Field Research Part 7 "The financial team is struggling to figure out what project to waste money on for next quarter. How do you fit in? Well, I need prospectors to demonstrate the use of different weapons, and the straw I picked for you says 'SMG'. Now, off you go."
Field Research Part 8 "You're really adept at shooting things, aren't you? Unfortunately, so are rattlers. Head to the Bright Sands Jungle and get me some rattler eyes, I want to know how they spot and track targets."
Field Research Part 9 "Remember those Old Bones you brought back earlier? There's a mystery there, something artificial. I need you to head to the Extinct Creatures lab in Crescent Falls and retrieve a Warden Tooth, it might have the answers I seek."
Field Research Part 10 "I plan on sending down a team to collect more old samples. Make sure they're well supplied, stash some Resin Guns in the Greens Prospect Office for them."

Osiris has been studying both the Fauna and Flora on Crescent Falls for years before the Storm made the Area uninhabitable. According to recent reports, that beautiful Ecosystem might slowly become accessible again. Help Osiris reclaim their Research Facilities.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
A Whole New Ecosystem Part 1 "Ah, Prospector! Grab some decent Gear and drop down to Crescent Falls, an Area that used to be of great Interest to our Research and that now might be accessible again, if the bragging from Korolev numbskulls is to be trusted. Go check!"
A Whole New Ecosystem Part 2 "Hmm... yes. Radiation Levels would be too high for me to spend my Weekend down there, but we have you for that. We used to research the Flora on Crescent Falls quite extensively, see if you can find some of the Pale Ivy Blossoms we used in Material Science and Medicine Synthesis back then!"
A Whole New Ecosystem Part 3 "Hah. Can't wait to see Vadim's face once we start manufacturing the best Stims on Prospect Station again! Thank you. Now, last but not least, see if you can clear the Area around the big Skeleton of hostile Fauna so we can resurrect our old Observation Site there!"

Osiris specialize in medical tech, from surgical robots to powerful medicines and even healing nanites. Many of their advancements are only possible thanks to prospectors like you retrieving samples from the planet. Get Osiris what they need, and you'll be rewarded with access to new, stronger health stims.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Stimulating Developments Part 1 "This should interest you: we have a small team researching new, stronger health stims, but we're low on certain materials that were never restocked on station. Head to the Vaccine Labs and bring back some Medical Supplies."
Stimulating Developments Part 2 "There are a few more items from the surface our team needs, Prospector. Get what we need from this list if you want access to stronger stims."

Gives access to buying Strong Stims at Osiris

Now Dr. Sullivan's interest is piqued after you helped uncover forgotten research into the planet's extinct creatures and their unnatural anatomy. It seems he's realizing that the planet's mysteries won't unravel themselves without some hands-on "research" from prospectors like you.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Lost Knowledge Part 1 "Prospector, one of our researchers has noticed rattler hides are particularly susceptible to cell pattern changes based on their diets. Head to Nutrion Farms Processing and help us by getting the right samples."
Lost Knowledge Part 2 "I've been looking into everyone that worked at the Extinct Creatures lab, and it appears Dr. Farinha, its head of the operations, was lost when the ship getting him and his lab equipment off planet crashed. Check the ship's debris in the Bright Sands' Jungle, something might have survived the impact."
Lost Knowledge Part 3 "We've received several reports of faulty weapons: jams, low power, misaligned sights... I need you to get me data on our weapons' performance against real targets. The old Favela in Crescent Falls should be a good test site."
Lost Knowledge Part 4 "I listened through parts of that crashed ship's flight recorder, and several conversations caught from the cabin had our man talking about 'Crystal Caverns' in relation to his research. Head there and see what you find, collect mineral and bio-samples from the area."
Lost Knowledge Part 5 "It'll take some time to run tests on these. In the meantime, it seems Dr. Farinha survived the crash, though he never made it off planet. From what I gathered he might have sought shelter in this area... Head there and search for any more clues on his whereabouts, any research he carried with him would be of great value!"

Unlocks Tharis Island.

After decades of storm and hazardous radiation from the Teratomorphic Energy Field enveloping most of the planet, an abandoned Osiris field lab on a remote island has suddenly become accessible. While it was common for Osiris researchers to be the last ones off the planet when the final evac order finally came, there are no recorded survivors from the installation at Tharis Island.Sullivan wants you to investigate the area, find out what happened to the researchers. And more importantly, to their research.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
The Progenitor Device Part 1 "I have some recon work for you, Prospector. Recent survey data shows a dip in TEF radiation on a 'Tharis Island', the spot of one our old field labs. The installation was just being set up when the evac order came through, and with all the chaos, the records don't show any researchers making it out, nor why they were there in the first place. Head down there, check the outpost, and report back to me."
The Progenitor Device Part 2 "All killed. Not surprising, of course, but definitely not all were killed by surface beasts. The obvious suspects would be Korolev's goons; our people may have found something important those meatheads wanted for themselves, or maybe it was something more basic, like commandeering the site's vessels to evac. I need to think... this happened decades ago, but it would still be an unacceptable transgression. For now, just go back to those caverns and do some field work; apparently the caverns had some unique flora."
The Progenitor Device Part 3 "I need more information before I act; get into the Korolev Island HQ and retrieve whatever information that might shed some light on what happened. If Korolev truly is responsible for what happened, there will be hell to pay."
The Progenitor Device Part 4 "Unexpected. Both our people and Korolev's were attacked by a third party, what a Korolev foreman referred as 'cultists'. From the description, this group behaved similar to those afflicted by prolonged exposure to the TEF's radiation, but the first recorded encounter predates the first storms by a matter of months.

Prospector, I need you to search for the Surveyor Pods deployed in the caverns, they would have recorded evidence of any exotic radiation, even before they knew what it was."

The Progenitor Device Part 5 "Just as I suspected, those caverns had been leaking TEF radiation for years before anyone ever set foot in them. That entire area can give us a preview of what sites on the surface may look like decades from now, if the field continues to affect the planet.

But first things first: hunt down some Crushers from one of the affected areas and stash samples of their remains at one of our outpost so we can analyze the radiation."

The Progenitor Device Part 6 "One of my researchers working in the Crescent Falls area has some theories on those Spine Briar plants, and why they're unique to the Tharis caverns. I need you to take some new samples to a stash in the area; hopefully he does something more useful than just replanting them."
The Progenitor Device Part 7 "The results came back on the Crushers irradiated by Tharis: inconclusive; none of the creatures you dispatched seemed to be over a decade old, which may hint at the limits their natural lifespan, or at how efficient your fellow prospectors have been at thinning their numbers. One thing did stand out, though; a foreign bioluminescent compound. I've found mentions of a 'Cave of Stars', the likely source. Search the area, and bring back anything that may be of interest."
The Progenitor Device Part 8 "These 'cultists' weren't merely men gone feral, they had kept some level of organization, and built a devotion to the Tharis caverns. They seemed obsessed with clusters of a glowing crystaline compound unique to the island; bring me some samples, this merits study."
The Progenitor Device Part 9 "These 'Teratomorphic Crystals' are proving to be an interesting puzzle. There's nothing organic or 'living' about them, but they don't resemble any natural formation I've ever seen. And they appear to absorb TEF energy like a battery.

Perhaps the cultists knew more about them. The records you recovered mention of wall markings scattered throughout the caverns, perhaps they hold some cyphered information. Find them, Prospector."

The Progenitor Device Part 10 "It appears the cultists were fixated on the same rare ore that kept Korolev and our own Osiris people, 'Tharis Ore' as they called it. Bring me samples, normal and the 'refined' type. If the Teratomorphic Crystals interacted with TEF radiation, it's reasonable to believe this material might too."
The Progenitor Device Part 11 "Our experiments with Tharis Iron proved very productive; concentrated blasts of TEF radiation caused the samples to react by warping into different shapes. Some, almost organic, and very reminiscent of patterns seen in Fortuna III's newer flora and fauna. Bring me samples of creatures killed at the peak of a storm. And some Charged Brightcaps, too."
KMarks.png 21000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 117 Osiris Scrip
The Progenitor Device Part 12 "It's clear that the importance of these caverns can't be overstated; Korolev stumbled upon a Progenitor terraforming artifact and they simply decided to mine around it, for rocks! I need you to go deeper, recover anything else the cultists deemed valuable; they may have been insane, but they knew something."
The Progenitor Device Part 13 "Korolev had people block off the deepest caverns, fearing the unknown and wanting to bury the 'dangerous' mysteries beneath. Everything points to there being something important down there, something connected to Tharis Iron, something the cultists killed to protect.

Down the Abyss, Prospector, discovery awaits!"

KMarks.png 18000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 158 Osiris Scrip
The Progenitor Device Part 14 "Fascinating... The installation on Tharis Island may not have been part of the Progenitor terraformer network, but perhaps a small outpost of some sort? It makes sense that they would place self-sufficient outposts on the planets they terraformed. You must remain my proxy on this venture, the island is still far too dangerous for a team to investigate directly; head back to the Forge, feed it Tharis Iron, and bring back the results.

And get rid of any onlookers."

KMarks.png 22000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 158 Osiris Scrip
The Progenitor Device Part 15 "Excellent work down there, Prospector. It's doubtful, though, that this lone machine's purpose would be solely to transform Tharis Iron into Forge Alloy, not without additional support or transport systems to put it to use. No, this must be an intermediate product... Return to the machine, there must be something we've missed."
KMarks.png 20000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 214 Osiris Scrip
The Progenitor Device Part 16 "Fascinating, it appears you found what's essentially an instruction manual... But something urgent has come up, on Crescent Falls. Scans found a cavern near the south of the Fallen Tree, with curious energy readings during a recent storm event. I want you to explore it; make short work of any creatures you find inside, and stash their remains for my people on the surface to collect."
KMarks.png 80000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 214 Osiris Scrip
The Progenitor Device Part 17 "I think it's time to move forward with our work on the Abyss Forge. Use the 'recipe' you found earlier, and whatever that device prints out, deliver it back to me. If we can put this Progenitor technology to work for us... well, you can imagine the implications."

The caverns you found are encased by a crystalline structure, far too strong for any of your weapons to break through. Sullivan believes there's a connection between them and the Progenitor terraforming tech. Explosives aren't the usual Osiris way, but they're a time-tested cheap way of opening holes in walls.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Explosive Delivery Part 1 "The notebook you brought back was most interesting, Prospector. Those Crystal Caverns appear to be made of a something similar to some of the Progenitor materials we've analyzed, and no one's ever managed to get past their walls and see what's inside. It's time to change that; get me some old explosives and I'll have a team blast their way in."
Explosive Delivery Part 2 "That crystal structure enveloping the caverns is far more resistant than I thought imaginable, the team was barely able to scratch it. I was curious about whether this moment would come... It's time wake up Dr. Fedotov. He was reportedly an acerbic firebrand in Osiris, and the best materials researcher the world has ever seen. Stayed on the surface to work for as long as possible, then put himself in a cryochamber when it became too late to evacuate safely. Just another problem I inherited when taking this position..."

Dr. Fedotov wasn't impressed with the attempt at using explosives to break into the Crystal Cavern. His solution: a laser. At least he agrees with Dr. Sullivan on the importance of getting through the cavern's walls, even if they don't see eye to eye on much else.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Laser Show Part 1 "It appears Dr. Fedotov had already conferred with Dr. Farinha about how to break into the Crystal Caverns; it figures the man wouldn't write anything down and make our lives easy. He insists only a high powered laser drill can get through those walls, so you're to get us these items so we can build a prototype here."
Laser Show Part 2 "Progress is slower than I'd hoped. Korolev refuses to share schematics for their decommissioned Veltecite Laser Drill platforms, so we're forced to reinvent the wheel. No matter, an Osiris original will be far better, anyway. Get us these additional materials, Prospector."

Fortuna III's storms are infamous, being one of the first signs of the lethal events that would force the evacuation of the planet. The creatures of Fortuna III, however, seem energized by them, literally. Help Osiris understand what's going on.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Storm Rider Part 1 "You've experienced one of the planet's famed Storms already, correct? Well if you haven't it's now's you're time to. I need you to collect a number of Glowy Brightcaps for me, the sort that can only be found during a Storm. Good luck and all that."
Storm Rider Part 2 "Ah, you're back already. An Osiris team will be retrieving old equipment from the Starport Warehouse soon, I need you to soften the area before they arrive."
Storm Rider Part 3 "We're interested in running more tests on Storm-affected samples, this time while as close to the planet as possible. Meaning on it. I need you to stash some Charged Spinal Bases on the surface for one of our more 'adventurous' researchers to work with."

Getting Dr. Fedotov out of cryo may have been more trouble than its worth. After a (justified) tirade against Dr. Sullivan for not rescuing him sooner, he's refusing to speak to anyone in person until a series of curious demands are met. It'll be best to keep him content, if only for his new assistant's sake.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
The Needs of the One Part 1 "Dr. Fedotov is... a character. He's requested an office with a garden and refuses to speak with anyone on his team until he gets it. Get me these items so we can just get this over with."
The Needs of the One Part 2 "All right, now to get some real work done again. Apparently Waterweeds are poisonous to striders; get me some fresh samples of each, there might be something useful to learn here."
The Needs of the One Part 3 "You've encountered Marauders on the surface, right? Fascinating creatures, I'd love to study a live specimen one day... In any case, go kill some and bring back their bone plates so we can advance our research."
The Needs of the One Part 4 "The good Dr. Fedotov is trying my patience with his absurd requests. You're to take down some of your rival Prospectors... and bring back some Dustblooms. I swear, if I see them as part of his little 'nature reserve'..."

The new laser cannon is a beast more suited as a military weapon than a mining tool, and requires far more power than any laser drill on Prospect Station has access to. Make sure Osiris gets what it needs to get it working.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Everything is Crystals Part 1 "It's time to start testing our new anti-crystal laser, but first, it needs a power source. Retrieve Veltecite for me, Prospector, nothing else will do."
Everything is Crystals Part 2 "Yes, this should be sufficient. Focus Crystals have an internal structure similar to that of the cavern walls; retrieve a few samples for us, and some extra lab kit while you're at it."
Everything is Crystals Part 3 "Our laser cannon has proven to be... 'hazardous' to test on the station. We've developed a small portable version for further tests. Clear out the Pinnacle labs of hostile fauna and stash some Pure Focus Crystals there; a field research team will be down for further tests once you're done."

The advancements in medical technology continue, partly thanks the samples you've collected. Now, while emergency medical procedures aren't something you should be practicing on the surface of an alien planet, assisting Osiris in developing improved med kits may improve the chances of a good outcome when you're forced to.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Path to Strong Medkits Part 1 "We're continuing to research better ways to keep prospectors like you alive on the planet, so I'm sure this interests you. Get me these materials and you'll be among the first to carry our new Strong Medkits."
Path to Strong Medkits Part 2 "The chemical properties of Fortuna III's flora and fauna is truly fascinating... one would expect it to be completely foreign to our own, yet it's so similar! Oh, right; we still need a few more items, Prospector."
Path to Strong Medkits Part 3 "We have reason to believe Korolev has a mole and is trying to steal our work on these Medkits and put them to market before we do; I've seeded rumors to different members of my team, if Korolev acts on them I'll know who the leak is. Stash these old medicines at the Waterfall Labs in Bright Sands; if Korolev sends an agent to retrieve them, I'll have my man."

Gives access to buying Strong Medkits at Osiris

The initial plan to repurpose one of Korolev's old veltecite mobile drilling platforms fell through, and not just because of Korolev's uncooperative behavior. The laser cannon will have to be operated from space; help Osiris fix up an old survey satellite in order to have the cannon fire from low orbit.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Building a better Death Ray Part 1 "Our recent tests have made it quite apparent our anti-crystal laser cannot be safely operated in atmosphere, unlike Korolev's crude designs. We'll need to mount the device on a repurposed low-orbit satellite to operate it. Retrieve these materials, they should improve booster fuel efficiency enough to handle the laser's mass."
Building a better Death Ray Part 2 "Ah yes, I forgot to mention... we've made some adjustments to account for the increased operational range required; get me a Veltecite heart and some samples from storm-charged creatures, it should be enough to take our device to peak performance."

Getting what is basically a an orbital beam cannon into an orbit around Fortuna III isn't as easy as it first seemed. Help Osiris ensure their new satellite gets operational, and make sure the other factions don't catch wind about what's going on; whatever is past those cavern walls, only Osiris could fully understand.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Satellite Master Part 1 "It's almost time to get our satellite into orbit. Hack into the surface Uplink network, get us all the data we need to keep the satellite on-target."
Satellite Master Part 2 "It's been brought to my attention that orbital weapons are banned in this system, and that our satellite may be considered a weapon, what with its proven ability to vaporize sever- Well, in any case, I need you to get back into the Uplink network, get me data on old colonial satellites still in orbit; we should be able to spoof an ID off one to use for our own project."
Satellite Master Part 3 "It appears that tricking the network to accept our satellite as legitimate is a more involved process than I had been lead to believe. A team of specialists will be heading to the surface soon to get the job done, make sure they have the tools they need stashed nearby by the time they arrive."

Stims aren't recommended for more than life or death emergencies, sometimes leading to more complications then the initial injury or simply not acting fast enough to make a difference. Osiris thinks it can fix at least one of those problems, if you can help them find the ingredients they need.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Combat Ready Part 1 "Research into Fortuna III's biosphere has so much potential, yet there's so little interest by any other parties! Everyone needs immediate results! Well then, let's show them results! Get me tissue samples from a Crusher, studying their regenerative properties should allow us to develop even stronger health stims!"
KMarks.png 34000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 117 Osiris Scrip
Combat Ready Part 2 "Excellent work, I imagine the donor didn't pose too much of a challenge for you. Now, my team will need some additional supplies; here's a list."
KMarks.png 31000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 158 Osiris Scrip
Combat Ready Part 3 "Initial trials have proven to be... disappointing. The near-immediate healing process works flawlessly, as I predicted, but it appears to be excruciatingly painful. Retrieve some Dustblooms for me, Prospector; their analgesic properties should be just what we need. And then you can test the first batch yourself!"

Gives access to buying Combat Stims at Osiris

Warm up tests on the Orbital Cannon have uncovered a serious accuracy issue that needs to be resolved ASAP. The problem is, the satellite is already in orbit, and recalling it would raise questions about its true purpose. You'll need to help Osiris develop a hotfix.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Orbital Repairs Part 1 "Target calibration on our satellite is off; it was within acceptable parameters in our original designs, but wasn't accounted for when we switched to an orbital platform. I'm sending a team down to Pinnacle Labs for telemetry, make sure they have what they need, and clear the area of hostile creatures."
KMarks.png 19000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 117 Osiris Scrip
Orbital Repairs Part 2 "The ICA has been following up on all our recent 'weapons' research on station and gotten curious about the lack of tangible results. Head to the surface and perform some 'tests' with Osiris gear on some unwilling participants, it should distract them for long enough to get our satellite fully operational."
Orbital Repairs Part 3 "The worst outcome is of course the most likely. The satellite will need to be modified while in orbit and part of the outer casing replaced. Retrieve these materials, they should be light yet durable enough to do the job."
KMarks.png 66000 K-Marks
Osiris Scrip.png 158 Osiris Scrip
Orbital Repairs Part 4 "The satellite's orbit is too low for our technicians to safely operate at due to all the TEF radiation from the planet. We'll need to construct specialized EVA suits; a mesh made from crusher hide to envelop them might be enough to keep our people safe. For a short while, anyway."

Gives access to Printing the Orbital Cannon Beacon

Everything is ready to fire up that Orbital Cannon! You'll need to place a beacon at the right location for the satellite to lock on to the cavern entrance, then hope those calibrations fixes worked out. Once the cavern opens up, be quick to get in and explore them; anything you find inside may be of immense importance for Osiris.

Name Description Tasks Rewards
Breaking and Entering Part 1 "It's time! Head to the Crystal Caverns' entrance and place the Orbital Cannon Beacon; once its finally served its purpose, search the caverns and retrieve whatever you find. We might finally have found a path to the internals of the planet's terraformers!"

Gives access to buying Combat Medkits at Osiris


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