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RarityEpicRarity.svg Epic
Spawn Locations
Weight4 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks2563 KMarks.png
K-Marks / Weight640 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation26 Reputation.png
Faction Rep / Weight6 Reputation.png

A Gyroscope is an EpicRarity.svgEpic item found as loot on Fortuna III. It can typically be found in Osiris logo colored.pngOsiris structures in high or extreme danger area's.


Helps keeps things pointing where they're supposed to be pointing even in the roughest conditions, making it quite useful for printing some weapon components.

Spawn location

Spawn chance per container
ContainerMax spawn chance
Hidden Stash Tier 10.11%
Hidden Stash Tier 20.12%
Hidden Stash Tier 30.13%
Hidden Stash Tier 40.17%
Hidden Stash Tier 50.21%
Osiris Filing Cabinet Tier 22.88%
Osiris Filing Cabinet Tier 34.4%
Osiris Filing Cabinet Tier 48.8%
Osiris Filing Cabinet Tier 513.2%


Gyroscope.pngGyroscope has one or multiple uses in The Cycle: Frontier. To complete all missions and quarter upgrades, this item is needed 7 times.

Uses for Gyroscope
Type Quantity
Heavy Construction Part 6 1
Orbital Repairs Part 1 1
Back to Basics Part 8 2
Laser Show Part 2 1
Research Drone Repairs 3
Safety Measures 3
A new Energy Source 3
Personal Quarters
K-Marks Generator Cap 5.4 1
Aurum Generator Rate 7.4 1
Printing Recipes
Enhanced Helmet.pngEnhanced Helmet 1
Zeus Beam.pngZeus Beam 3
Enhanced Tactical Helmet.pngEnhanced Tactical Helmet 2
Enhanced Restorative Helmet.pngEnhanced Restorative Helmet 2


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