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Prospector Archetypes are the base cosmetic that forms the players character, they control the body type (Male or Female), and determine what head cosmetics are available to the player.

Default Prospectors


Archetype Auriga Head.png


Archetype Gemini Head.png


Archetype Libra Head.png


Archetype Lynx Head.png


Archetype Orion Head.png


Archetype Perseus Head.png

Premium Prospectors


Prospector Archetypes sold at Windfall's shop.

Biker Queen Archetype Biker Queen.png
Grim Hunter Archetype Grim Hunter.png
Masked Stranger Archetype Masked Stranger.png
Syndicate Enforcer Archetype Syndicate Enforcer.png
Ronin Archetype Ronin.png

Fortuna Pass

Prospector Archetypes gained as Fortuna Pass rewards.

Season 1
The Marshal FortunaPass S01 Marshal01.png
The Bounty Hunter FortunaPass S01 BountyHunter01.png
Peace Officer FortunaPass S01 Marshal04.png
Apex Bounty Hunter FortunaPass S01 BountyHunter03.png
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