Tharis Island

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Tharis Island, also known as "map 3", is an island far off the coast of Bright Sands on Fortuna III. It will be introduced to the game with the launch of Season 2.

The location is intended to be the most challenging and tense in the game. It is unlocked after finishing any of:


Tharis Island hosts a number of abandoned faction bases, lush ravines, alien Progenitor artefacts and a labyrinthian cave system.

The Forge

Deep in the caverns of Tharis Island is The Forge, an ancient progenitor machine that can be used to alter gear, as well as use Abyss Alloys and Tharis Iron.


Tharis Island was originally discovered by Korolev years before The Cycle (storm) hit. Large parts of the cave system has not been reached before by any Faction or human. Those who went too deep either lost their lives in the caves, or came back mad. Thirty years after the discovery of Tharis Island, prospectors are invited to explore the island and uncover its secrets.

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