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Veltecite is a Mining Item obtained by mining Veltecite Nodes.


Veltecite Nodes can normally be found around flowing water, like waterfalls and rivers.


A node can yield 5 different types of Veltecite with the following possibilities. There is also a slight chance to get a Polirium Crystal.pngPolirium Crystal, as that can be found in multiple types of ores, including Nickel and Titan Ore.

Item Percent Sell-Price
Flawed Veltecite.pngFlawed Veltecite 63.942%
  • 150 K-Marks.pngK-Marks
Cloudy Veltecite.pngCloudy Veltecite 26.368%
Clear Veltecite.pngClear Veltecite 7.91%
Pure Veltecite.pngPure Veltecite 1.45%
Veltecite Heart.pngVeltecite Heart 0.33%
Polirium Crystal.pngPolirium Crystal 0.1%


Veltecite is highly requested by any Faction for its ability to be used as power source. While ICA keeps the Station running, Korolev has the machinery needed to refine the veltecite and produce fuel from it, keeping the Station supplied with enough energy.

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