Building a better Death Ray

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Building a better Death Ray is a Mission for the Osiris faction. It is unlocked after completing Everything is Crystals Part 3. Building a better Death Ray has 2 mission parts.

Building a better Death Ray.png


The initial plan to repurpose one of Korolev's old veltecite mobile drilling platforms fell through, and not just because of Korolev's uncooperative behavior. The laser cannon will have to be operated from space; help Osiris fix up an old survey satellite in order to have the cannon fire from low orbit.


Part Image

'Our recent tests have made it quite apparent our anti-crystal laser cannot be safely operated in atmosphere, unlike Korolev's crude designs. We'll need to mount the device on a repurposed low-orbit satellite to operate it. Retrieve these materials, they should improve booster fuel efficiency enough to handle the laser's mass. '




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