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There are three factions in The Cycle: Frontier which the player directly interacts with. These are:

  • ICA logo colored.pngICA, a group of independent civilians and administrators who take care of Prospect Station maintenance
  • Korolev logo colored.pngKorolev, a conglomerate of industrial companies, which mine Veltecite to power Prospect Station
  • Osiris logo colored.pngOsiris, a scientific company who are interested in the unique flora and fauna of Fortuna III

There are also other factions in the universe of The Cycle: Frontier, which are part of the Lore. These are:

Faction Reputation

Reputation is the means in which a Prospector progresses with a Faction. Korolev logo colored.pngKorolev, Osiris logo colored.pngOsiris, and ICA logo colored.pngICA all have independent reputation points which are required to level up each one respectively. By gaining enough reputation to level up the factions, players will gain access to unique consumables, gear, weapons, and other items only available through that faction.

Faction Reputation per level

Faction level Reputation required Total reputation required
1 0 0
2 100 100
3 150 250
4 200 450
5 300 750
6 450 1200
7 600 1800
8 900 2700
9 1200 3900
10 1800 5700
11 2500 8200
12 3800 12000
13 4000 16000
14 7000 23000
15 9000 32000
16 11000 43000
17 16000 59000
18 33000 92000
19 41000 133000
20 56000 189000
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