Vaccine Labs

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Vaccine Labs is a place of interest on the eastern part of Bright Sands.

Vaccine Labs
Vaccine Labs.jpg
Map Bright Sands
Grid Square F4
Danger Level Moderate
Faction Osiris


Vaccine Labs is a Osiris medical research facility dedicated to pathological experiments aimed at creating a cure for a disease known as "Asclepius". Cluttered, cramped, and overgrown, the facility lies washed away by time as hostile creatures inhabit the courtyard of what was once a state of the art location.


Vaccine Labs features several multi-story labs with varying decor, of which has been mostly overtaken by various fauna growth. Most notably, these labs serve the purpose of temporary medical supply storage. Surrounded by a fence, the buildings are joined by a courtyard containing multiple large crates of varying supplies.

Bright Sands Observation Room Key

The western most building contains a locked area, requiring the Bright Sands Observation Room Key. A Safe, Medical Cases, and other healing items can be found inside.



Vaccine Labs contains multiple buildings which may include cabinets, medical chests, jackets, as well as various floor loot. It especially has a large amount of Optic Glass and Polymetallic Prefabricate.

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