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Data Drive

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Data Drive
Data Drive Icon.png
Type Mission Item
Spawn Locations BS CF TI
Weight 15 UI-WeightIcon.png

Data Drive is an item that can be upgraded in rarity at Uplinks. It has 5 rarities, from CommonRarity.svgCommon to LegendaryRarity.svgLegendary. There is no Data Drive of ExoticRarity.svgExotic rarity.


Tier 1: A data drive. Data can be improved at an Uplink, or the drive exchanged for K-Marks.

Tier 2: A data drive with some interesting information. Data can be improved at an Uplink, or the drive exchanged for K-Marks.

Tier 3: A data drive with rare information. Data can be improved at an Uplink, or the drive exchanged for K-Marks.

Tier 4: A data drive with valuable information. Data can be improved at an Uplink, or the drive exchanged for K-Marks.

Tier 5: A data drive with highly valuable and unique information. Can be exchanged for K-Marks.


Upon reaching level 3 with ICA, the ICA Market will allow you to buy CommonRarity.svgCommon Data Drives. You can also find any rarity of Data Drive out in Fortuna III, typically near an Uplink.


Data Drives come in 5 different levels of rarity. Their value increases with the rarity:


Sellvalue and Reputation by rarity
Rarity K-Marks K-Marks/Weight Reputation Reputation/Weight
CommonRarity.svgCommon 30 K-Marks.png 2 K-Marks.png 0 Reputation.png 0 Reputation.png
UncommonRarity.svgUncommon 1013 K-Marks.png 67 K-Marks.png 1 Reputation.png 0 Reputation.png
RareRarity.svgRare 2531 K-Marks.png 168 K-Marks.png 3 Reputation.png 0 Reputation.png
EpicRarity.svgEpic 6075 K-Marks.png 405 K-Marks.png 6 Reputation.png 0 Reputation.png
LegendaryRarity.svgLegendary 10252 K-Marks.png 683 K-Marks.png 10 Reputation.png 0 Reputation.png


  1. Buy a Data Drive from the ICA logo colored.pngICA Store for 300 K-Marks.pngK-Marks. Data Drives can also be found as loot on Fortuna III.
  2. Take the Data Drive to Fortuna III by placing it in a backpack.
  3. Travel to any location that has an Uplink,
  4. Find the Terminal and insert the Data Drive into the socket. Then start the download at the terminal screen.
  5. Repeat the process until the desired Data Drive rarity is obtained.

The Uplink tower will show the rarity that the Data Drive is upgrading to with a coloured light corresponding to the rarity. The Uplink tower will emit a loud noise as well, that will attract the attention of other Prospectors and Creatures.

Upgrade time by rarity
Rarity Time
CommonRarity.svgCommon to UncommonRarity.svgUncommon 30 seconds
UncommonRarity.svgUncommon to RareRarity.svgRare 60 seconds
RareRarity.svgRare to EpicRarity.svgEpic 90 seconds
EpicRarity.svgEpic to LegendaryRarity.svgLegendary 120 seconds


This item is used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes, by rarity:

This tier is not used in any missions, jobs, upgrades, or printing recipes.


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