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Certain items, Gear and Consumables can not be bought, but need to be printed. To print an item, go to the Gear Printer on Prospect Station. Printing an item requires various materials that can be found on Fortuna III. Most print recipes also require K-Marks. The time it takes to print the item depends on the rarity of the item, and what type of item it is. Consumables print the fastest, while Armor takes the longest, excluding legendary Weapons and quest items.

Early in the game, the printing of Medium Backpacks and Armor is recommended to proceed in the game. These items are relatively cheap and don't require a lot of materials while giving a significant boost. Higher tiered items require more resources that are usually harder to obtain.

Craftable Items

Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Altered Nickel Uncommon
Cloudy Veltecite Uncommon
Derelict Explosives Uncommon
Print Resin Uncommon
Clear Veltecite Rare
Titan Ore Rare
Autoloader Epic
Master Unit CPU Epic
Portable Lab Epic
Pure Focus Crystal Epic
Pure Veltecite Epic
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Standard Helmet Uncommon
Standard Restorative Helmet Uncommon
Standard Tactical Helmet Uncommon
Reinforced Helmet Rare
Reinforced Restorative Helmet Rare
Reinforced Tactical Helmet Rare
Combat Helmet Epic
Combat Restorative Helmet Epic
Combat Tactical Helmet Epic
Enhanced Helmet Exotic
Enhanced Restorative Helmet Exotic
Enhanced Tactical Helmet Exotic
NV Helmet Legendary
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Standard Shields Uncommon
Standard Restorative Shields Uncommon
Standard Tactical Shields Uncommon
Reinforced Shields Rare
Reinforced Restorative Shields Rare
Reinforced Tactical Shields Rare
Combat Shields Epic
Combat Restorative Shields Epic
Combat Tactical Shields Epic
Enhanced Shields Exotic
Enhanced Restorative Shields Exotic
Enhanced Tactical Shields Exotic
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Light Grenade Uncommon
Standard Grenade Rare
Assault Grenade Exotic
Audio Decoy Uncommon
Gas Grenade Uncommon
Howler Grenade Rare
Strong Medkit Uncommon
Strong Stim Uncommon
Combat Medkit Rare
Combat Stim Rare
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Heavy Extended Uncommon
Light Extended Uncommon
Medium Extended Uncommon
Shotgun Extended Uncommon
Heavy Quickdraw Rare
Light Quickdraw Rare
Medium Quickdraw Rare
Shotgun Quickdraw Rare
Heavy Extended Epic
Heavy Quickdraw Epic
Light Extended Epic
Light Extended Quickdraw Epic
Light Quickdraw Epic
Medium Extended Epic
Medium Extended Quickdraw Epic
Medium Quickdraw Epic
Shotgun Extended Epic
Shotgun Quickdraw Epic
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Marksman Stock Uncommon
MKM Tactical Stock Uncommon
Standard Stock Uncommon
Tactical Stock Uncommon
MKM Ultralight Stock Epic
Ultralight Stock Epic
Image Item name Rarity Printing Recipe
Heavy Converter Uncommon
Light Converter Uncommon
Light Creature Dmg Uncommon
Medium Converter Uncommon
Medium Creature Dmg Uncommon
Shotgun Converter Uncommon
Light Creature Dmg Rare
Medium Creature Dmg Rare
Heavy Converter Epic
Light Converter Epic
Light Creature Dmg Epic
Medium Converter Epic
Medium Creature Dmg Epic
Shotgun Converter Epic
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