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Weapon Type Launcher
Rarity Legendary
Faction -
Unlock Level -
Weight 60 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 993,000 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 2978
Damage 0
Weakspot Multiplier 1
Penetration 31
Firerate 1
Projectile Speed 4000
Movement Multiplier 0.8
Reload time 2.9s
Magazine Size 6


The KOMRAD is a Legendary missile launcher developed by Korolev. It fires slow missiles that explode upon impact with a creature or an object. It can only be obtained by Printing one in Prospect Station.

In-Game Description

This fearsome weapon platform is capable of firing salvos of fast-moving missiles capable of making short work of any hostile element.


Short for Korolev Ozone-powered Micro Rocket Assault Device, the KOMRAD is one of the most destructive weapon systems developed by the megacorp, and one of its most expensive.

Detailed Stats

Stat Value
Ammo Type Special Ammo
Direct Damage 0 Damage
Weakspot Multiplier
Explosive Damage 100 Damage
Penetration 40 Penetration
Refire Rate 1s
Rounds per minute (RPM) 60 Shots
Projectile Speed 40 m/s
Magazine Size 6 Bullets
Reload Time 2.9s
Equip Time 0.5s
Unequip Time 0.5s