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Strong Medkit

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Strong Medkit
Rarity UncommonRarity.svg Uncommon
Weight 15 UI-WeightIcon.png
K-Marks 333 KMarks.png
Faction Points 9 UI-FactionPoints.webp
Damage/Heal 100 Heal
Activation Time 8
Duration Instant


The strong medkit is available to Print without unlocking anything or purchased from the Osiris faction armory after completing the appropriate mission, and is recommendable over the Weak Medkit for various reasons as long as you have the budget. With a base health gain of 100, it can fully restore a prospector's health with only one use, though the use time is much longer than using a stim. This means they are worth buying only if you do not have access to the Combat Medkit. Having a strong medkit can greatly affect a Prospector's odds of survival on Fortuna III.


This item is a Consumable, and must be equipped to the player in order for it to be activated. Once activated, a progress bar will be displayed above the Health Bar, indicating the time delta of the operation. Once the progress bar has completed, a popping sound, a rush of noise, and a slight hiccup may be heard from the player's character. This audio is networked, meaning all local players nearby should receive it, making it a noisy consumable to use. Though the application of this item is Instant, the progress bar does take 8 full seconds to complete, and may be canceled by attempting to do any of the following actions; Sprinting, Mantling, Switching to another item, and Initiating a Soft or Hard Landing after falling some distance greater than 200 units.


This item can be printed or bought:

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