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Weapon Type Sniper
Rarity Legendary
Weight 60
Buy Price 10 Meteor Core
75 Letium
25 Interactive Screen
3 Alpha Crusher Heart
Sell Value 179032
Faction Reputation 1790
Ammo Type Blaze Heavy Ammo
Damage 75
Weakspot Multiplier 2
Penetration 33
Firerate 1.4
Projectile Speed 70000
Movement Multiplier 0.9
Reload time 4.4s
Magazine Size 5
Audible Range 500m

The KARMA-1 is a Legendary sniper rifle only available through Printing. It features a charge-up before shooting, and is capable of killing any prospector in one hit on a head shot.


The KARMA-1 is not able to have any Attachments installed.


While heavy and requiring a charge-up to fire, a direct hit from the KARMA-1 will cripple if not outright kill any target, and the raw kinetic power will damage anything near the impact area.


The Korolev Advanced Recursive Magnetic Artillery, first prototype, is a miniaturization of the sort of weaponry more commonly found on warships, offered exclusively to the Prospectors for early testing. While no longer powerful enough to take down a spacecraft, it's more than enough to handle the threats of Fortuna III.

Prototype Variant

More accurately called the KARMA-XT, prototypes like this were built on Fortuna III and tested extensively in the field, mostly against harmless wildlife. Features a less powerful battery than the KARMA-1 release version.

The Prototype variant of the KARMA-1 has the following changed statistics:

The Prototype version of the KARMA-1 can only be found as loot on Fortuna III, which means it can't be crafted or bought in Prospect Station.

Weapon Comparison and Detailed Stats

For a comparison between this and other weapons, as well as an overview on its detailed stats, visit the Weapon Calculator


This is an incomplete list of all cosmetics for the KARMA-1 in The Cycle: Frontier.

This list makes no guarantee of availability or completeness. Some cosmetics might no longer be in the shop rotation, be from the Fortuna Pass of a past season, be from a special promotion, or be otherwise exclusive.
List of Cosmetics


Paladin KARMA-1

Korolev Officer KARMA-1

Wildstyle KARMA-1

Laserpunk KARMA-1

Marshal KARMA-1

Luxury KARMA-1

Update history

Patch 3.0.0
  • Added Prototype variant
  • Changed ammo type to Blaze Heavy Ammo
  • Crafting price reduced from 1,085,000 K-Marks to 597,000 K-Marks
  • Decreased equip time from 1 to 0.9 seconds
  • Increased unequip time from 0.5 to 0.7 seconds
Patch 2.2.0
  • Increased magazine size from 2 to 5
  • Karma SFX overhaul
Closed Beta 2.3
  • Weight reduced to 50


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