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Weapon Type Pistol
Rarity UncommonRarity.svg Uncommon
Faction Osiris
Unlock Level 2
Weight 20 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 3,900 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 12
Ammo Type Basic Light Ammo.pngBasic Light Ammo
Damage 13Damage Icon.png
Weakspot Multiplier 1.5
Penetration 15Heavy Converter.png
Firerate 0.26
Projectile Speed 24000
Movement Multiplier 1
Reload time 1.93s
Magazine Size 15


The Scarab is a burst pistol that excels at close to medium range encounters. It is unlocked through Osiris and is an UncommonRarity.svg Uncommon item.


The Scarab can have 5 different Attachments installed on it, one for each slot. The type of attachment must be compatible with the weapon's type, so only attachments that have Pistol or Light Ammo as a category can be installed onto a Scarab.


A dependable pistol, fires in controlled and powerful three-shot bursts.


The Scarab, an Adaptive Phase Pistol, is one of Osiris' most successful weapons, able to induce a localized rapid matter state change on remote targets at a fraction of the energy cost of more conventional laser-based weaponry. With energy efficiency and safety in mind, the Scarab is a solid choice of sidearm, though its compact form limits the extent of its lethality.

Mk.II Variant

An improved version of the standard Scarab Adaptive Phase Pistol, custom built for the Osiris Harbinger Expeditionary Corps. A rare find, worth keeping hold of.

The Mk.II variant of the Scarab has the following changed statistics:

  • Changed rarity from UncommonRarity.svg Uncommon to RareRarity.svg Rare
  • Increased the direct damage by 1 to a total of 14
  • Increased penetration by 5 to a total of 20
  • Increased sell value to 3420 K-Marks.pngK-Marks and 34 Reputation.pngReputation
  • Uses Shredder Light Ammo instead of [[Basic Light ammo]

The Mk.II version of the Scarab can only be found as loot on Fortuna III, which means it can't be crafted or bought in Prospect Station.


Name Ammo Faction Buy Price Sell Value Rarity Weight Crit Multi Damage Penetration Magazine Size Refire Time Rounds Per Minute Reload Time Move Speed Projectile Speed
Hammer Light Korolev 56000KMarks.png 16805KMarks.png Exotic 20 2 28 30 6 0.4 150 2.175 1 34500
K-28 Light Station 760KMarks.png 228KMarks.png Common 20 1.5 13 10 12 0.125 480 2.55 1 32200
Scarab Light Osiris 3900KMarks.png 1179KMarks.png Uncommon 20 1.5 13 15 15 0.26 230.77 1.93 1 27600

Detailed Stats

Stat Value
Ammo Type Light Ammo
Direct Damage 13 Damage
Weakspot Multiplier 1.5×
Penetration 15 Penetration
Refire Rate 0.26s
Shots Each Burst 3 Bullets
Burst Interval 0.07 s
Rounds per minute (RPM) 176.47 Shots
Projectile Speed 240 m/s
Magazine Size 15 Bullets
Reload Time 1.93s
Equip Time 0.6s
Unequip Time 0.4s


This is an incomplete list of all cosmetics for the WEAPON in The Cycle: Frontier.

List of Cosmetics

Vanity WeaponSkin P Scarab.png

Koi Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabGraffiti.png

Inspired Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabMonster.png

Firespitter Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabAnubis.png

Anubis Division Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabRonin.png

War Spirit Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabMarshal.png

Marshal Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabStarterPack01.png

Professional Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabStarterPack01.png

Brass Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabCultist.png

Cultist Scarab

Vanity WeaponSkin P ScarabPrestige.png

Luxury Scarab

Update history

Patch 3.0.0
  • Added Mk.II variant
  • Description changed from "A dependable pistol, fires controlled and powerful three-shot bursts." to "A dependable pistol, fires in controlled and powerful three-shot bursts."
  • Added a Scrip cost of 1 Osiris Scrip.pngOsiris Scrip to the buy price
  • Decreased equip time from 0.6 to 0.4 seconds
  • Decreased unequip time from 0.4 to 0.3 seconds
Patch 2.2.0
  • Projectile velocities for Pistols has been increased by 15%
  • Reduced refire time between bursts from 0.34s to 0.26s.


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