ICA Guarantee

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ICA Guarantee
ICA Guarantee.png
Weapon Type LMG
Rarity RareRarity.svgRare
Faction ICA
Unlock Level 9
Weight 50 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 24,000 K-Marks.png
Scrip Price 5 ICA Scrip.png
Sell Value 7143 K-Marks.png
Faction Reputation 71 Reputation.png
Ammo Type Shredder Medium Ammo.pngShredder Medium Ammo
Damage 10Damage Icon.png
Weakspot Multiplier 1.6
Penetration 20Heavy Converter.png
Firerate 0.09
Projectile Speed 36400
Movement Multiplier 0.8
Reload time 3.9s
Magazine Size 40
Audible Range 400m

The ICA Guarantee is a RareRarity.svgRare fast-firing LMG from ICA logo colored.pngICA. It is capable of overwhelming enemies with a hose of bullets.


The ICA Guarantee can have 7 different Attachments installed on it, one for each slot. The type of attachment must be compatible with the weapons type, so only attachments that have LMG or Medium Ammo as a category can be installed onto an ICA Guarantee.


A fast firing phase LMG, perfect for pinning down targets.


This Fortuna III custom isn't known for its finesse, but it'll chew through any target if the user manages keep it under control. With the amount of ammo expended, you're Guaranteed to hit something!

Prototype Variant

A less powerful version of the Guarantee, originally intended for when more conventional methods of pest control were not enough.

The Prototype variant of the ICA Guarantee has the following changed statistics:

The Prototype version of the ICA Guarantee can be bought in the ICA logo colored.pngICA shop on Prospect Station after reaching factionlevel 5, 4 levels eariler than the normal version.

Weapon Comparison and Detailed Stats

For a comparison between this and other weapons, as well as an overview on its detailed stats, visit the Weapon Calculator


This is an incomplete list of all cosmetics for the ICA Guarantee in The Cycle: Frontier.

Information Icon.png
This list makes no guarantee of availability or completeness. Some cosmetics might no longer be in the shop rotation, be from the Fortuna Pass of a past season, be from a special promotion, or be otherwise exclusive.
List of Cosmetics

Vanity WeaponSkin P MachinegunDeltaParadiseBird.png

Paradise ICA Guarantee

Vanity WeaponSkin P MachinegunDeltaAmericana.png

Frontier Spirit Guarantee

Vanity WeaponSkin P MachinegunDeltaStreamer.png

Vivid ICA Guarantee

Vanity WeaponSkin P MachinegunDeltaChrome.png

Chrome ICA Guarantee

Update history

Patch 3.0.0
  • Added Prototype variant
  • Description changed from "A fast firing Phase LMG perfect to suppress targets." to "A fast firing phase LMG, perfect for pinning down targets."
  • Changed ammo type to Shredder Medium Ammo.pngShredder Medium Ammo
  • Added a Scrip cost of 5 ICA Scrip.pngICA Scrip to the buy price
  • Decreased equip time from 1 to 0.9 seconds
  • Increased unequip time from 0.5 to 0.7 seconds
Patch 2.0.0
  • Reduced price from 31,000 to 24,000 K-marks
  • Reduced horizontal recoil by ~25%

Update history

Patch 2.2.0
  • Reduced buying price from 31,000 to 24,000 K-marks.


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