ICA Guarantee

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ICA Guarantee
ICA Guarantee.png
Weapon Type LMG
Rarity Rare
Faction ICA
Unlock Level 7
Weight 50 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 22,000 UI-KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 93
Damage 10
Weakspot Multiplier 1.6
Penetration 23
Firerate 0.09
Projectile Speed 28000
Movement Multiplier 0.8
Reload time 3.9s
Magazine Size 40


The ICA Guarantee is a Rare fast-firing LMG from ICA. It is capable of overwhelming enemies with a hose of bullets.


The ICA Guarantee can have 7 different Attachments installed on it, one for each slot. The type of attachment must be compatible with the weapons type, so only attachments that have Heavy Weapon as a category can be installed onto a ICA Guarantee.

In-Game Description

A fast firing Phase LMG perfect to suppress targets.


This Fortuna III custom isn't known for its finesse, but it'll chew through any target if the user manages keep it under control. With the amount of ammo expended, you're Guaranteed to hit something!

Detailed Stats

Stat Value
Ammo Type Medium Ammo
Direct Damage 10 Damage
Weakspot Multiplier 1.6×
Penetration 20 Penetration
Refire Rate 0.09s
Rounds per minute (RPM) 666.67 Shots
Projectile Speed 280 m/s
Magazine Size 40 Bullets
Reload Time 3.9s
Equip Time 1s
Unequip Time 0.5s