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Weapon Type Shotgun
Rarity Uncommon
Faction ICA
Unlock Level 2
Weight 20 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 6,400 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 19
Damage 12
Weakspot Multiplier 1.2
Penetration 17
Firerate 0.5
Projectile Speed 28000
Movement Multiplier 1
Reload time 1.78s
Magazine Size 2


The Bulldog is a handheld shotgun from ICA. It is capable of quickly unleashing its two shots and dealing a lot of damage, but it has a long reload time. It is unlocked through the ICA faction at level 4 and is an Uncommon item.


The Bulldog is not able to have any Attachments installed.

In-Game Description

Shotgun that suffers from very limited range.


Simple and effective, compact firearms utilizing shotgun shells are popular on stations as close range problem solvers for their high damage as well as for mitigating the risk of overpenetration that more conventional pistols carry. The Bulldog is the ICA's prefered design, easy to build and maintain, and even easier to operate.

Detailed Stats

Stat Value
Ammo Type Shotgun Ammo
Direct Damage 12 Damage
Weakspot Multiplier 1.2×
Pellets per shot 5 Pellets
Penetration 15 Penetration
Refire Rate 0.5s
Rounds per minute (RPM) 120 Shots
Projectile Speed 280 m/s
Falloff Range 1.0m-3.0m
Falloff Multiplier 0.5×
Magazine Size 2 Bullets
Reload Time 1.8s
Equip Time 0.6s
Unequip Time 0.4s