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Weapon Type Pistol
Rarity Common
Faction Co-Tec
Unlock Level 0
Weight 20 Weight icon.png
Buy Price 760 KMarks.png
Faction Reputation 2
Damage 12
Weakspot Multiplier 1.5
Penetration 10
Firerate 0.125
Projectile Speed 28000
Movement Multiplier 1
Reload time 2.55s
Magazine Size 12


The K-28 is a straight-forward pistol available at the Quick Shop.


The K-28 can have 5 different Attachments installed on it, one for each slot. The type of attachment must be compatible with the weapons type, so only attachments that have Pistol as a category can be installed onto a K-28.

In-Game Description

A standard semi-automatic pistol. It's an effective sidearm for any Prospector.


With a design that's seen no change in over two centuries, the CoTEC K-28 is one of the most popular weapons throughout known space, as are its many knock offs.

Detailed Stats

Stat Value
Ammo Type Light Ammo
Direct Damage 12 Damage
Weakspot Multiplier 1.5×
Penetration 10 Penetration
Refire Rate 0.125s
Rounds per minute (RPM) 480 Shots
Projectile Speed 280 m/s
Magazine Size 12 Bullets
Reload Time 2.55s
Equip Time 0.6s
Unequip Time 0.4s