Patch 1.3.5

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Patch 1.3.5

Date July 05, 2022
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  • SMGs:
    • Reduced horizontal recoil.
    • Reduced ADS movement speed reduction from -30% to -25%.
  • Shotguns:
    • B9 Trenchgun:
      • Reduced base damage from 80 to 64 (10 damage per pellet to 8 damage per pellet).
    • PKR Maelstrom:
      • Reduced recoil.
      • Increased spread to be more in line with that of other shotguns.
      • Hip fire spread 3.5 --> 5
      • ADS spread 3 --> 4.5
      • Weapon spread increase Speed 0.5 --> 0.65
      • Reduced camera shaking intensity.
    • Bulldog:
      • Increased refire time from 0.5s to 0.6s
      • Increased spread to be more in line with the spread of other shotguns
  • Manticore:
    • Increased recoil
  • Grenades:
    • Added a 1.8s delay between grenade throws, preventing players from just unleashing a barrage of explosives and hope to hit the jackpot.
  • Power Progression:
    • Increased penetration of all Epic Weapons from 26 to 27.
    • Increased penetration of all Exotic Weapons from 28 to 29.
    • Increased penetration of all Legendary Weapons from 31 to 32.
    • Increased armor of the Epic Shield and Epic Helmet from 26 to 27.
    • Increased armor of the Exotic Shield, Exotic Helmet and NV Helmet from 28 to 29.
  • Autoloader Crafting Recipe:
    • The Hydraulic Pistons in the recipe are replaced by Ball Bearings to overall reduce the number of Hydraulic Pistons required to craft Attachments.
  • Movement & Climbing:
    • Max walkable floor angle: from 45 to 50.
    • Max step height: from 45 to 50.
    • Climbing cooldown: from 1s to 0.5.
    • Max Wall Distance from 90 to 100 - The Max distance allowed from wall to player in order to activate a ledge climb.
  • We implemented the first iteration of the “You are banned” screen, to prevent further confusion about some login issues.


  • We checked with our official tailor, Prospectors who bought the Paladin Set and ended up with two chests and no gloves will now have access to what they purchased after the maintenance.


  • Additional tweaks to our internal anti-cheat measures. We are now tracking and having ban-automation for additional stats.

Known Issues

  • Biker Queen image shows black hair, though she has white hair.
  • Players on the Epic Games Store who owned the Ronin and were missing pieces will get all those back.


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