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There are currently 13 types of available ammunition. All are consumed by hand-held Weapons, and can be purchased or found on Fortuna III. There is also one type of ammunition which can only be sold.

Ammo does not impact the damage, penetration, or any other stat of the weapon. However, guns can only use one type of ammo, and not anything else.


Item Name Rarity Stack Size Weight Cost Compatible weapons
Derelict Ammo Common 50 0.3 None. This type of ammo is purely for selling. It has no other uses.
Basic Light Ammo Common 400 0.06
  • 350 K-Marks for 125x
K-28, S-576 PDW, S-576 PDW Mk.II, Scarab, KM-9 'Scrapper'
Basic Medium Ammo Common 400 0.08 AR-55 Autorifle, AR-55 Autorifle Mk.II, Manticore, ICA Guarantee Prototype
Basic Heavy Ammo Common 70 0.4 C-32 Bolt Action, C-32 Bolt Action Mk.II
Basic Shotgun Ammo Common 70 0.3 B9 Trenchgun, Bulldog
Shredder Light Ammo Rare 400 0.08 Scarab Mk.II, Asp Flechette Gun Prototype, Hammer Prototype
Shredder Medium Ammo Rare 400 0.1 Manticore Mk.II, ICA Guarantee, Phasic Lancer
Shredder Heavy Ammo Rare 70 0.5 Lacerator, KBR Longshot, KBR Longshot Prototype
Shredder Shotgun Ammo Rare 70 0.4 PKR Maelstrom, Shattergun
Impactor Light Ammo Epic 400 0.1 Asp Flechette Gun, Hammer, Voltaic Brute
Impactor Medium Ammo Epic 400 0.12 Advocate, Gorgon, KOR-47
Blaze Heavy Ammo Exotic 70 0.6 Basilisk, Kinetic Arbiter, KARMA-1, KARMA-1 Prototype
KOMRAD Cartridge Legendary 50 0.8 KOMRAD
Zeus Cartridge Legendary 400 0.1 Zeus Beam, Zeus Beam Prototype

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