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There are currently 5 types of available ammunition. All are consumed by hand-held Weapons, and can be purchased or found on Fortuna III.

Detailed Information

Item Name Rarity Stack Size Weight Buy Value Sell Value Description
Light Ammo Common 125 12.5 230 69 Ammo commonly used for pistols and submachine guns.
Medium Ammo Common 75 7.5 230 69 Ammo commonly used for assault rifles and light machine guns.
Shotgun Ammo Uncommon 20 4 510 153 Ammo for shotguns.
Heavy Ammo Uncommon 20 4 1,000 333 Ammo commonly used for sniper and designated marksman rifles.
Special Ammo Rare 10 10 760 228 Ammo for explosive weaponry.


These items are used in the following missions, jobs, upgrades, printing recipes:

Medium Ammo

Uses for Medium ammo
Type Quantity
Ammo Supplies 1000
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