Closed Beta 2.1

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Official patch notes [1]

The patch contains some fixes for pressing issues and some adjustments and tweaks based on player feedback.

We aim to have the maintenance at 10 AM CET on March 23.


  • Some of the early missions from Korolev, ICA, and Osiris got their numbers reduced (less pure Veltecite, fewer kills with Osiris Weapons, less Uncommon data drives required)
  • Day and Dusk phase time got swapped. This means that you will have more daytime and a little bit less foggy dusk.
  • Slight increase of walking speed. Stamina regen rate when standing still got increased slightly as well
  • Audio of gunshots and footsteps got adjusted


  • Fixed some broken Mineral spawns
  • Fixed a puzzle that spawned power cells in the wrong spot
  • Fixed the Korolev mission that required you to visit Greens Prospect
  • Fixed UI issues in the Faction screens, missions can be completed without hassle now
  • Fixed some small issues with the stuck prevention system
  • Fixed freezes & crashes that some players experience
  • Fixed texture loading and level streaming issues that some players experienced - This should lead to increased performance
  • Fixed onboarding quests not starting / not completing
  • Fixed duplicate quests & quest progress
  • Fixed issues with the friends list
  • Fixed friends list notification issues
  • Fixed that you could get stuck in the craft a Backpack part of the onboarding

Known Issues

  • If you got stuck while crafting a Backpack in the starter quests, you will have to redo the process
  • It can happen that you have to send new friend requests to your friends.
  • After claiming a mission in the starter quests, the marker stays on the NPC. This can be fixed with relogging
  • Error 2,4,6 while launching the game. Please try again it should usually resolve itself
  • Error 4 after several retries, please reach out to our Player Support or Community Management team


  • Every Prospector that was logged in before the patch is applied receives 25.000 K-Marks as a small compensation for the rocky start.
  • We are looking into additional tweaks and changes and fixes for the future. One topic that we are closely monitoring is power progression. That means we are looking at material selling prices, the fact that getting better Gear should feel more impactful, some damage values (e.g. C-32, Scrapper, PDW, AR-55, Lacerator), and so on and on. There is a chance that we will have another patch during the Closed Beta.
  • It can happen that the fixes for the quests reset your progress on them and that you have to recraft the Backpack if you were stuck on that quest, sorry about that, but we hope that being able to progress properly will make up for it.
  • As the ingame maintenance notice is currently not working, please make sure to be careful tomorrow, as the start of the maintenance will kick you off the server and you will lose your Gear!


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