Patch 2.3.0

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Patch 2.3.0

Date October 19, 2022
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  • Increased brightness and quality of indirect lighting, which should prevent some building interiors from looking too dark.
  • The tutorial got adjusted so new prospectors get a better feeling of progression within the tutorial.
  • New players now receive 40.000 K-Marks through the tutorial instead of the usual 30.000 K-Marks.
  • The HUD shows the most recent used consumable now.
  • The Squad interface is now always visible on the station, even if you're currently running solo.
  • We adjusted the matchmaking buckets for Crescent Falls, according to the community feedback. You should have a much smoother experience in the middle brackets again.
  • Changed the placement of some creatures around Green's Prospect.
  • Added some nasty guard dogs for each major building.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures killed in the post office weren't being counted towards kills at Green's Prospect.
  • Fixed some bits of missing geometry at the Geothermal Powerplant.
  • Rebuilt a some paths in those areas.
  • Gunshots can now be heard from a slightly longer distance.
  • Meanwhile, footsteps and gunshot sounds will be less obstructed by terrain.
  • Changed the amount of Smart Meshes required to craft drills back from 4 to 2.
  • You can now craft restorative and tactical armors above blue quality.


  • Kinetic Arbiter:
    • Damage reduced from 63 to 54.
  • Shattergun:
    • Damage reduced from 8 to 7.
  • ASP Flechette Gun:
    • Damage increased from 9 to 10.
  • Gorgon:
    • Amount of shots per burst reduced from 16 to 12.


  • Fixed some interface issues with weapon attachments icons.
  • We regranted an old Prime Time head to players who owned the item back in Early Access. Looks like we were getting ahead of ourselves here.
  • Adjusted level 71 of the Fortuna Pass so it won't grant those special grenades you weren't even supposed to have.
  • We fixed some clipping issues when idle on the station. Best cure is to stay awake though.
  • Mouse sensitivity on the station should stop changing after every update.
  • Sprinting or sliding will now properly cancel healing animations.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies between the icon and actual mesh of the Poacher Boots.
  • Revisited our cheating compensation feature, so you should get your stuff back faster and more reliably.
  • Fixed a weird camera angle showing when using the Tranquility emote.
  • Members of your squad finally made up their mind and should stop randomly changing colors during an expedition.
  • Fortuna Pass daily quests will now reset.. daily. As was always planned.
  • The Sparkling Pool had too many mushrooms. It got de-shroomed a bit.
  • Fixed an annoying spot where one could get stuck in on the Starport Landing Pad.
  • Tackled another one of those around the Jungle in Bright Sands.
  • Fixed some writing issues with the Gear Printer upgrades, private quarters.
  • Moved some Healing Plants close to the Fallen Tree on Crescent Falls so they don't stand next to each other anymore. We hope they're not too sad but surely they'll meet again one day.
  • Moved some mineral veins around the Crashed Ships in Bright Sands.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the Fallen Tree on Crescent Falls.
  • Took care of a couple of ways to out of bounds around Bright Sands. Casual reminder that attempting to explore the deep reaches of space on foot is usually hazardous to a Prospector's health.
  • Accepting a new mission will now play its little chime.
  • Filled a gap between textures (Dig Site, Bright Sands) and possibly prevented the whole world from breaking down.
  • Bright Sands again, took care of some clipping issues around the evac point close to the Water Facility.
  • Glowing Brightcaps will now despawn as they should once the storm abates on Tharis Island.
  • Applied a couple more fixes that should prevent anyone from reaching supposedly unreachable places.


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