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Patch 1.5.0

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Patch 1.5.0

Date August 17, 2022
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  • Victim Compensation has been added to the game and we will now begin to refund players their items if the person who killed them gets banned for cheating.
  • Because this is a brand new system, there are some limitations. Currently, this system is in place for cheaters who are banned by our own internal system, and is not currently set up for Battleye's automatic bans. This will be addressed in an upcoming update. The victim compensation system is automatic and reporting players is NOT required for this system to function. You will receive compensation packages regardless of whether or not you were the one who reported the cheater. Similarly to Insurance Packages, players will be notified if they have a victim compensation package waiting for them at the generator.
  • This system will return the most valuable items to the player, and convert lesser-valued items to its K-Mark equivalent.
  • A small note has been added to the in-game report tool in regards to compensation of loadouts.
  • Grenades: Reduced Damage by 20%
  • Removed direct offer to "leave tutorial" in tutorial death UI box
  • Additional adjustments have been made to our anti-cheat system to prevent false positives in certain areas.
  • The Login Bonus screen now includes information regarding the Season's end and wipe.
  • A price increase is on its way in the upcoming 1.6 update for DLCs and Aurum in certain regions in order to adjust the prices for affected markets which were far more discounted than originally intended. Players using the affected currencies will have 1 week to purchase these at their current price if they would like to.
  • This increase will only affect the following currencies: RUB, IDR, MYR, PHP, SGD, VND, TRY, MXN, CNY, INR, CLP, PEN, COP, ZAR, HKD, TWD, SAR, AED, ARS, KZT, KWD, QAR, and SASIA countries.


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to start trio Squad matches if their NVR was too high.
  • Fixed an issue where Contract progress was lost when the game is forcefully closed or when using "Exit to Station" during the match.
  • Login Bonus UI: Remaining days in the season will not display as intended.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to kill players almost instantly over long distances with the mining tool.


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