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Hotfix 3.2.1

From The Cycle: Frontier Wiki
Hotfix 3.2.1

Date April 25, 2023
Official Links Official Steam-page


  • Increased the drop rate of Howler Syrinxes, after realizing even the most dedicated Howlerbusters were having trouble getting their hands on some.
    • Drop rate during normal weather increased from 1% to 3%.
    • Drop rate during storms increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Toned down the loot table for Military Boxes found in the Osiris Research Center. They should now contain more balanced stuff overall.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed part 18 for "Race to the Bottom". It can now be completed properly.
  • Fixed Orbital Cannon Beacons, they can be crafted at crafting stations again.
  • Changed how some data is recorded on our ends, to try and get a better look at our current performance and spawning issues.


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