Patch 2.1.0

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Patch 2.1.0

Date October 5, 2022
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  • Perks are (mostly) back on the menu!

Changed some perk recipes and general item values from Tharis Island to help balance out the game's economy:

  • Tharis Iron
    • Value reduced from 1282 to 1025.
    • Faction Points gains reduced from 13 to 10.
  • Pure Tharis Iron
    • Value reduced from 2884 to 2307.
    • Faction Points gains reduced from 29 to 23.
  • Tharis Iron Ingot
    • Now requires 3x Teratomorphic Crystal Cores to craft.
  • Charged Tharis Iron Ingot
    • Now requires 3x Teratomorphic Crystal Cores to craft.
  • Spine Briar
    • Rarity level changed from Epic to Rare.
    • Value reduced from 3845 to 2563.
    • Faction Points gains reduced from 38 to 26.
    • This is in addition to the spawn rate reduction applied in the previous hotfix.
  • As a result, some perks won't require Teratomorphic Crystal Cores anymore.
  • Hunter Vision will remain unavailable for now.
    • Mature Rattler Eyes are no longer used to grant Hunter Vision on helmets. They can now be used to increase protection against creatures.
  • Increased rewards for the first mission of every faction.
  • Increased the amount of creature spawns around the Lagoon in Bright Sands. Hunting jobs should be a bit easier now.


  • That room full of mushrooms will be just a bit less full of mushrooms. Proof that the Cultist isn't such a fungi after all.
  • Added some tooltips for the different currencies in the game (K-Marks, Aurum, Insurance Tokens).
  • Added a few tooltips to the shop's interface.
  • Made the "Conquest of Knowledge" banner glow juuuuust a bit more.


  • Fixed a few instances where players could shoot through thin walls, pipes and other geometric shapes. Proper line of sight only!
  • Prevented some normally inaccessible spots from being accessed.
  • Melee attacks should now work properly and as intended. On that note, here is said intention:
  • You can sprint while charging a melee attack.
  • Your sprinting speed is however reduced while charging a melee attack.
  • Playing around with this shouldn't lock you out of being able to perform melee attacks anymore. Hack away with glee and intended murder!
  • Flying off into an evac ship should now properly end your exploration and bring you back to the station, instead of suddenly finding yourself on a long way down towards a splatfest.
  • Evac ships also won't throw you flying like a human meteor as they're taking of.
  • Fixed various issues causing crashes and/or softlocks around the tutorial missions.
  • As a note, please make sure to properly finish the tutorial and not skip any step whenever possible.
  • Further improved general performance and took care of a nasty issue that would lead to infinite loading on game start.
  • Prevented the character preview from disappearing after hitting ESC on the character selection screen.
  • Re-added a few banners, sprays and charms that were missing from the game, even though they, well, should have been in there.
  • Fixed some visual conflicts between weapon coatings and some weapons they're used on.
  • Re-added some missing foliage here and there, for all your natural pleasures.
  • You should now be able to deploy and drop properly as a squad.
    • On that note, it is not possible anymore to drop together on a map if one more of your squadmates don't have access to it yet.
  • We looked into several issues related to perks from the Forge:
    • Tackled a weird issue where Prospectors with an increased maximum HP value from perks would drop back to 100 after picking something up.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to potentially increase the capacity of their backpacks by an infinite amount. Sorry, technology's great right now but we still don't know how to make Bags of Holding!
    • Took down another exploit that would allow for infinite speed stacking on backpacks. This fix had not been approved by The Flash.
    • Fixed more issues related to Forge perks that wouldn't work properly or even not at all.
  • Starter Packs can now be claimed without issue and their full contents received.
  • Removed some doors that would appear in duplicate on Crescent Falls. What's behind door number 2? Another bloody door!
  • Choosing "Return to station" should now take you back to the station. Shocking, I know.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed prospectors to blind an entire server with a Predator Helmet. Talk about some high-power flashbang... head... thing!
  • Fixed some localization issues, including one where the game would welcome you to a Friday playtest on a login error in Italian. Don't ask.


  • The Soldier's Blade is currently missing its icon.
  • There is a stuckspot under a rock formation at the Jungle Thermal Ponds on Crescent Falls.
  • There's a door in a building north of the Vaccine Labs that cannot be closed after it is opened.
  • There's a stuckspot between the battery slots of the Dig Site area.
  • It can happen that mouse sensitivity on the station jumps up, but it is normal on the surface.
  • The Cultist Maelstrom has its size decreased in the Fortuna Pass preview.
  • Purchasing Fortuna Pass levels will show you rewards from previous tiers, but you will receive the right ones.
  • No sound is playing during Fortuna Pass level up overlay when in the Tech Tree.
  • An item with the weight reduction perk cannot be placed in your safe pockets.
  • Steam - in-game bundle displayed prices do not match for KRW and VND: The comma used by steam and in-game is position differently however the final checkout prices on Steam are correct.
  • It can happen that the red 'hitmarker' appears despite the other player not dying when shooting with the Komrad.
  • Specific head option for Prime Time isn't available to veteran players.


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