Patch 2.5.0

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Patch 2.5.0

Date November 22, 2022
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Aurum Harvest Festival

Grab your warmest blanket, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and settle in the coziest Fall vibes: the Aurum Harvest Festival is upon us!

Effective once the updates goes live, every Prospector who logs into the game during the event will receive the following as a one-time free gift:

  • 500 Aurum to spend as they wish.
  • A fully customized Phasic Lancer complete with Anubis weapon skin and Meteor Shard weapon charm.

Items in the in-game shop will also be available at a reduced price. Good thing you've just received a free bunch of Aurum to go do some window shopping eh?

The event will run until Tuesday, November 29. Make sure to claim your rewards before that. You will be able to grab your gift after the maintenance on the 22nd is finished. It will be sent directly into your inventory!

Until then, have fun and enjoy the festival!


  • KOR-47
    • Reduced damage per shot from 13 to 12.
    • Increased vertical recoil by about 35%.
    • Increased horizontal recoil by about 20%.


  • We've reduced the maximum amount of players that can roam a single instance of Bright Sands by 1.
  • We've fiddled with our early matchmaking values a bit. New Prospectors will have an easier time on the surface.
  • You will now be able to sort items in shops and when using crafting stations.
  • Weapon attachments can now be equipped from any source to any destination by simply dragging and dropping them on the weapon of your choice.


  • Turning and rotating in place will now produce footstep sounds instead of making you look like a spinning ghost.
  • Rattlers took some vitamins. They won't flinch as easily when first running into them but will be easier to stagger after that.
  • Striders and Marauders also got a nice cup of coffee and won't freeze into place after attacking a bit too far from their designated spots.
  • Crushers on the other hand had some proper sleep and won't act erratically when Prospectors get out of their sights.
  • Improved the cheating compensation feature a bit to prevent situations where it wouldn't compensate players properly.
  • Night Vision could be kept permanently by mashing its bound key while looking through a weapon scope. This has been fixed for the sake of everyone's eyeballs.
  • Fixed some clipping issues between backpacks and some Prospector models. No, you can't fit a whole Prospector inside the bag.
  • Fixed more clipping issues when using some specific emotes.
  • As is tradition, made more supposedly inaccessible places actually inaccessible.
  • Players won't go through a server-wide earthquake anymore when someone fails to open a locked door.
  • Batteries will now spawn as they should in the Osiris Research Facility on Tharis Island.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using some properly unlocked Prospectors.
  • The Paladin Battle Blade will now be what it claims to be: a Paladin Battle Blade.
  • Made some walls act like the walls they're supposed to be. These will now effectively stop bullets.
  • Fixed a few more infamous "stuck spots". This one is a constant battle so keep those reports coming!
  • More on that front, also fixed a few collision issues around the planet.
  • In a similar vein, going up stairs should now be a smoother, uninterrupted experience. Taking bug fixes step by step!
  • Finally, improved ledge climbing possibilities for several areas on the surface.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible loot container blocking shots, making firefights a bit awkward.
  • The Alien Forge terminal won't be accessible when the Forge is already doing its thing.
  • Similarly, you won't be able to start the printing process for another item while the Gear Printer is already busy working on something.
  • No error message will show when successfully adding an attachment to a weapon in the stash.
  • Fixed an issue with flashlights not producing light from an external point of view.
  • Some textures looked unnaturally stretched beyond the laws of nature. These have been carefully, uh, unstretched.
  • No more "level up" notices when completing tasks with the Fortuna Pass already at max level.
  • The Korolev quest line "In a Deep Dark Hole" won't show as main missions anymore.
  • Fixed a few typos and localization issues here and there.
  • Fixed a few UI issues in the in-game shop.


  • Hunter Vision will remain disabled for now as we're still trying to figure out issues with it. Still a big priority on our side.
  • Weapons
    • There are multiple hit registration issues present at the edge of the AOE when shooting with the Komrad.
    • No-reg hitmarkers and kill markers reports are being investigated by the team. 
  • Fortuna Pass
    • Claiming an Archetype displays duplicate body parts beside it (Chest, Gloves, Boots).
    • After completing one level purchase in the 'Fortuna Pass', the next consecutive purchase displays the icons of items from the previous purchase.
  • Gear visibility
    • In match, you don't see your own Backpack (can be evident when emoting) but can see other Prospector Backpacks.


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