Patch 1.2.0

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Patch 1.2.0

Date June 22, 2022
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  • The creature spawn for the Dead Scientist mission was adjusted – there will be at least 5 creatures that are always spawning.
  • We adjusted some of the loot and enemy respawn timers.
  • We did another tuning pass for our matchmaking buckets.
  • You can now craft Altered Nickel. 5 common Nickel are required for that.
  • B9 Trenchgun, Rusty B9 Trenchgun, and Shattergun got adjustments to their spread.
    • Hipfire Spread increased from 3.5 to 5.5.
    • ADS Spread increased from 3 to 5.
  • Rusty AR-55 damage reduced from 13 to 12.
  • AR-55 damage reduced from 13 to 12
  • Manticore damage reduced from 13 to 12

Note from the design team: We really appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten so far and keep getting when it comes to balancing. Keep it coming! We see it as a dialogue with the community to get this right over time, and as the season progresses. With that in mind, when it comes to balancing late-game gear, we’re still watching data and feedback to see how things develop over time, as players get their hands on more late-game stuff. It’s still early, and the ecosystem is still changing rapidly. Expect updates during the season!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for the friends list import were applied.
  • Fixed some item duplications.
  • We fixed the problem that some players got stuck in their starter quests by adjusting the mission check.
  • The Paladin Blade will be shown correctly in your inventory and can be equipped.
  • The game does not launch in VR mode when you have a VR headset connected. Sorry, the future isn't quite now.
  • You can transfer items from your loadout into a stash with a right-click when you have no backpack equipped.
  • We made Newton proud and restored gravity to the following items close to the Crashed Ship on Bright Sands:
    • Co-Tec Multitool.
    • Hydraulic Piston.
    • Zero Systems CPU.
  • Bushes lost their rubber coating and do not block lightning anymore.
  • Marauder had missing footsteps on some occasions. Those are fixed. Back to stomping terror.
  • Gunfire SFX from your own weapon is now louder than your squad mate's fire.
  • Grenade SFX was fixed.
  • You cannot skip the B9 Trenchgun reloading animation anymore. Get those shells in. One. By. One.
  • 2x Optic, 4x Optic, and 2x - 4x Variable Optic will not clip through the ASP Flechette any longer.
  • If you attach a Tactical Light to the ASP Flechette it will not float under the weapon.
  • The construct button gets greyed out properly now if you do not have enough materials.
  • We added the missing localization for “Confirm” in the Cosmetics tab.
  • We added the missing localization for the rarity in the Welcome Pack Shop.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Laser Drill battery display.
  • Fixed flickering lights from a distant Laser Drill.
  • We fixed occurrences of players spawning on top of each other.
  • The Epic Medium Extended Magazine visuals were fixed for the AR-55.
  • If you cycled between the Pickaxe and your weapons you could lose control until you ledge climbed. This was fixed.
  • The objective description of “Satellite Master Part 2” was fixed.
  • Birds now make a proper noise when flying away. Best of course is to not scare them.
  • Following angry complaints from ground control, you will not fly away anymore if you stand on top of a meteor while mining it.
  • Fixed some of the reverb effects.
  • Uplink sounds are also affected by the Master Volume Slider now.
  • Same for the Dead Drop audio.
  • Laser Drill SFX also got fixed.
  • Fixed broken crouching while on Prospect Station. Your knees will thank us.
  • The SFX for the Oil Pumped is played properly.
  • You will not get stuck between the rails and tables in the small homes on Crescent Falls after the patch.
  • The color of the customize button in the vanity section is fixed. A vain change for sure.


  • Additional tweaks to our internal anti-cheat measures.
  • We will be able to kick players when we have maintenance to make sure that everyone uses the correct version. Sorry about the confusion last time!

Known Issues

  • Twitch drop vanity cannot be claimed if the stash is full
  • Biker Queen's image shows black hair, though she has white hair


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