Closed Beta 1.1

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Official Patch Notes [1]

Closed Beta 1.1

Date October 7, 2021
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As a result to the positive reactions from our community, we have decided to lift the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) until the end of the Closed Beta.

That means you will be allowed to record, share and stream any and all content the game has to offer once the patch is applied. As a note, the starting screen will be modified to reflect that decision.

Have fun streaming The Cycle: Frontier!


  • Tutorial rewards have been tweaked a bit. You will now be able to craft a green quality backpack as part of your first missions.
  • Insurances will now only cover gear and won’t include ammo, materials (including Old Currency), keys and consumables.
  • Insurance payout has been slightly reduced as it was deemed a bit too high.
  • The weight of some items has been adjusted to help with the early game:
  • Compound Sheet – Weight decreased.
  • Salvaged Insulation – Weight decreased.
  • Some drop rates have been adjusted to help with the early game:
    • Rattler Skin drop chance increased to 20%.
    • Strider Head drop chance increased to 10%.
  • Some crafting requirements have been tweaked to help with the early game:
    • An Uncommon Helmet will now require a Strider Head instead of a Rattler Head.
    • An Uncommon Backpack will now require 4 Insulations instead of 4 Fabrics.


  • Using health consumables while sliding won’t activate them instantly anymore. No more acrobatic jabs!
  • Fixed an issue with AZERTY keyboards. You will now be able to apply mods on your weapons (default: mouse wheel button).
  • Fixed some collision issues at the Dig Site.
  • Energy fields are now working properly and you shouldn’t be able to just blitz through them.
  • The “Kill Striders at the Observation Area” contract is fixed and should now work as expected.
  • Having a full stash won’t affect the item generator in your Private Quarters anymore.
  • Various improvements on performance, specifically regarding ADS stuttering and rubberbanding issues.