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Patch 3.1.0

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Patch 3.1.0

Date April 5, 2023
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We hope you've been enjoying Season 3 and that you're getting your fix of the early game grind. We've really enjoyed playing alongside all of you! (If anyone can find an extra Sample Container for me, I would greatly appreciate it - ty ty)

More seriously, we know that for some unfortunate Prospectors, there's been issues with CPU usage, with vanity items not showing up, and some other visual/technical issues. That's why Patch 3.1.0 right here is dedicated to fixing some of these pesky bugs that made themselves known during our Season 3 launch. A huge thank you to all of our players who reported issues, helped us create tickets, and made us aware of these issues. The next Patch, 3.2.0 should have some more interesting details, but in the meantime, if you're in the mood for some technical chatter, let's dive in and get to work!


  • Fixed the "Rattler Crossing" spray vanity item that didn't match its icon.
  • Fixed the "Trooper Boots" item that didn't match its icon.
  • Some items in Windfall Shop's display area were distorted/moving on their own. We fixed these weird instances of sentient haunted items.
  • Fixed the incorrect UI image for "Authority Operative - Gloves".
  • Fixed the material on the Honeycomb charm. We want it to look sweet, (get it? 'cause honey?) but it was much "shinier" than intended.
  • On the Fortuna News Network TVs, a Prospector archetype was incorrectly referred to as Unbound Synth. We sent FNN more accurate information about "The Tempest."
  • A tree near Woodcutter Camp has been adjusted to be no longer climbable. Knocking on wood it remains as intended.
  • An exploit near Southeast Uplink on Bright Sands has been fixed.
  • Turned off flashlights that were staying on after death (while realistic, it was unintended).


  • Last known position bug was fixed where AI would constantly get an update to your position
    • Fixed AI seeing through bushes and some other Geo (This is linked to the last known position bug)
    • Fixed sense time out so AI will get bored of looking for you quicker (linked to the Last known position bug).
      • This will continue to get tuned in future patches
  • Reduced hearing Sense and Shared Sense to reduce mobs being pulled in from very far away for unknown reasons to the player
  • Increase aggro range slightly, this is so that the AI combat Roar/telegraph happens sooner and the player has a little more time to react
  • Increased far sight slightly, so AI are still fairly inquisitive when they are looking directly at you


  • The 100% CPU usage issue on Prospect Station has been fixed. Huge thank you to our players for making us aware that this was happening!
  • Debugged the tutorial questline randomly locking up and preventing progression.
  • Fixed an issue causing creatures to occasionally not spawn inside the Crusher Caverns. Back to no pain, no gain!
  • Some archetypes did not have the global base suits they were supposed to have.
  • Some items in a keyroom on Crescent Falls could be looted without using a key. We called a better locksmith and this has now been taken care of.
  • A hole in the ground in Comms Tower has been filled with collision dirt. No more sudden falls! (Also, "filled a hole with dirt" is one of my favorite patch notes entries so far.)
  • Fixed coatings that did not properly display their patterns.
  • Fixed cosmetic items vanishing or not showing in the player's inventory.
  • Multiple "Rogue Thrill Seeker" base suits were not properly appearing in the character customization screen. Now they are.
  • The "Gambler - Chest" item will now appear in the character customization screen.
  • Collecting packages from the Special Deliveries tab won't cause infinite loading anymore. Sure, that was making those deliveries very special, but that wasn't exactly the point.
  • A faulty collision box in Fallen Tree on Crescent Falls has been fixed.
  • A faulty collision box near Hay Fields on Crescent Falls has been fixed.
  • A faulty collision issue near Lagoon on Bright Sands has been fixed.
  • Applied a fix for players experiencing a black loading screen on startup. After all, a game is better when it can be played!
  • Fixed a stuck spot in Prospect Station near one of the drop pods.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from previewing Authority Operative cosmetics smoothly.
  • Some floating grass in the swamp has been glued back to the surface, thanks to our special Green Grass Glue™. No, we're not making an ad for this one.


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