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Keycards are items that can be collected and used to gain access to special rooms across all maps. All keycards can be found in any jackets, safes, briefcases, and luggage containers. Spawn rates vary based on the rarity of the key, and the difficulty of the area.

A Bright Sands Keycard


Keycards are used to access normally locked locations throughout all of the game's maps, Bright Sands (keycards with yellow stripe),Crescent Falls (keycards with blue stripe), and Tharis Island (keycards with black stripe). Rooms that can be unlocked with keys will display a key icon, in a color matching the key's rarity, on the door's button while it's locked. Unlocking the door changes the button to the usual on/off symbol. Pressing the interact key on the button while having the corresponding keycard in the inventory (backpack or safe pockets) will grant the player access to the room. Using a keycard will lower its durability by one. Once a keycard has no durability, it disappears from the player's inventory.

Types of Keycards

Name Description Rarity Door Location Durability Source
Clean Room Key Keycard carrying the Asclepius Vaccines logo.
And several biohazard warnings... may want to wash your hands.
Uncommon Vaccine Labs 2
Server Access Key Labeled only as Servers - Bright Sands, with the Com-Base logo. Uncommon Comms Tower 2
Tall House Key A generic keycard, someone drew a house on stilts on the back. Common Woodcutter Camp 3
Archaeologist's Office Key Decades of swampy grime have eaten away at the keycard's cover,
but someone scratched 'SKELETON' onto it with a knife. Hopefully still works.
Common Swamp 3
Mine Access Key Appears to be for one of the mine entrances along the northern edge of Bright Sands. Uncommon Abandoned Mine 2
Jungle Storage Room Key The keycard is pretty scratched up, and might have been part of some creature's meal,
but you can still see the words 'Jungle Outpost' at the top.
Rare Jungle Camp 2
Base Camp Armory Key The key is in almost pristine condition.
Hopefully so are the contents of the armory it grants access to.
Rare Base Camp 1
Name Description Rarity Door Location Durability Source
Overseer's Office Key Labeled with Nutrion Farms and is emblazoned the Nutrion Farms logo.
Its still covered in a sickly stale pumpkin juice... ew.
Rare Nutrion Farms Processing 1
Overgrown Keycard A round green logo is barely visible under the muck
that's grown over this keycard.
Epic Nutrion Farms Warehouse 1
Lab Key A bright white keycard with the telltale livery of Osiris.
Pinnacle Labs is laser etched professionally onto it.
Exotic Pinnacle Labs 1
Janitors Key A janitors key loop with a single simple key with a cute broom charm attached;
it appears to longingly sweep at the floor as it dangles from your hand.
Uncommon Starport Admin 6
Loose House Key Looks like the key to someones house. The amount of rust and moss on it
seems to imply its origin is somewhere deep in a jungle.
Uncommon Favela 3
Garage Office Key The keycard has an image of one of those rad looking 6-wheeler trucks printed on it
with the text Garage Office alongside it.
Rare Greens Prospect 1
Bar Storage Key A key to The Tipsy Drone attached to a miniature trinket
of the namesakes affable drone mascot.
Rare Greens Prospect 2
Boss' Office The unmistakable STARPORT logo leaps out from the card.
The smaller Top Floor Admin whispers for your attention in pitiful subscript underneath.
Epic Starport Admin 1
Community Room Key A key to a public space Epic Favela 1
Name Description Rarity Door Location Durability Source
Research Center Office Key A key to the Osiris Office.
Its owner sure wont be missing it...
Epic Osiris Research Center 1
Korolev Quarry Building Key A Key to the Korolev Quarrys Boss Office.
Usually something good stashed
away in such places.
Epic Korolev Island HQ 1
Korolev Medical Building Key A Key to the Korolev Surgery Room.
There must have been a lot of injuries
on the island for Korolev to set one up.
Epic Korolev Island HQ 1
Progenitor Corridor Key Osiris discovered the schematics for
this strange key amongst the Cultist
Ritual Items and figured out how
to use alien materials to craft it.
Not meant for any human locks.
Exotic Additional entry way into The Forge 3


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