New Player Guide

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This article serves as a short and to the point guide for new players with the most important tips and tricks that any prospector should know.


A list of useful wiki tools for new players.

Key articles

A list of useful wiki articles for new players.

  • Loot: quickly see if an item is worth to sell or to keep.
  • Campaigns: an overview of all campaign missions, making it easy to look ahead for what is to come.
  • Personal Quarters: an overview of all quarter upgrades.
  • The Forge: an article dedicated to explaining the ins and outs of the Forge.

Tips and tricks

A list of simple but useful tips and tricks.

  • Be Patient.
  • Sprint less, keep your stamina above 50%. This will mean you play slower and be able to hear enemies more often.
  • Hear a player? Stop to listen and observe.
  • You can kill Striders in a single Melee strike. Sneak up to them and stab them to stay silent.
  • Prioritize your Missions, you will earn a lot of K-Marks and Items that way.
  • Only do Jobs you do not have to go out of your way for, otherwise they are not worth it.
  • Bring a Smoke Grenade for a safer Evac.
  • Hold a Melee weapon, or a Tool, Pistol, SMG, or the Bulldog to sprint without being slowed down.
  • Weapons of Rare have expensive Ammo which cuts into your K-Marks quickly at the start. Only use those weapons if you can afford the ammo.
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