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The Melee weapon is always available for every player regardless of their loadout. The Melee weapon has basic and charged attacks. Performing any attack with melee weapon costs stamina, there is a Charged and Unchared hit.


Charge Damage Pen
Uncharged 45 10
Charged 70 12

Armor type Icon Armor Uncharged Charged
None None 0 84
Common Shield Common.png 10 45 73
Common Tactical Shield Common.png 7 49 77
Uncommon Shield Uncommon.png 17 38 62
Uncommon Tactical Shield Uncommon.png 14
Uncommon Restoration Shield Uncommon.png 14
Rare Shield Rare.png 23 34 55
Rare Tactical Shield Rare.png 19
Rare Restoration Shield Rare.png 19
Epic Shield Epic.png 27 32 52
Exotic Shield Epic.png 29 31 50


Combat Knife is a default melee weapon available for every player. Additional cosmetic variation can be obtained through different means. Players can use character customization screen to change melee weapon appearance.

Melee Default.png


Melee weapon skins sold at Windfall's shop.

Scouting Axe Melee Scouting Axe.png
Specialist's Hatchet Melee Specialists Hatchet.png
Carbon Axe Melee Carbon Axe.png
Elite Axe Melee Elite Axe.png
Ceremonial Sonicblade Melee Ceremonial Sonicblade.png
Ceremonial Tanto Melee Ceremonial Tanto.png
Charged Sonicblade Melee Charged Sonicblade.png
Elite Paladin Blade Melee Elite Paladin Blade.png
Paladin Battle Blade Melee Paladin Battle Blade.png
Prism Sonicblade Melee Prism Sonicblade.png
Prospector's Machete Melee Prospectors Machete.png
Ronin Tanto Melee Ronin Tanto.png
Veteran's Memento Melee Veterans Memento.png
Vibrant Tanto Melee Vibrant Tanto.png
Wicked Blade Melee Wicked Blade.png
Worn Baton Melee Worn Baton.png

Fortuna Pass

Melee weapon skins gained as Fortuna Pass rewards.

Season 1
Peacekeeper's Baton FortunaPass S01 Melee Marshal03.png
Bounty Hunter's Wrecker FortunaPass S01 Melee BountyHunter01.png

Twitch Drops

Melee weapon skins gained as Twitch drops.

Hunter's Choice Melee Hunters Choice.png
Veltecite Dagger Melee Veltecite Dagger.png