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Quests serve as a way to progress in The Cycle: Frontier. They give K-Marks, Faction Reputation as well as items such as Gear or Keycards. Each quest has objectives and rewards.

There are two types of quests:


Each quest has one or more objectives to complete before the quest rewards can be claimed. The following types of objectives exist:

  • Deliver an amount of an item to a faction.
  • Kill an amount of creatures or players, sometimes with specific conditions.
  • Visit a location, sometimes a specific named location, a Battery Puzzle loot room, or a specific mission location.
  • Loot containers or a specific type of container.
  • Stash an item in a Dead Drop.
  • Reach a specific faction level.
  • Complete a specific mission part.


A quest always gives some form of reward when it is completed. Most, but not all, quests give K-Marks and Faction Reputation. Sometimes a quest also gives an item. The following types of rewards exist:

  • An amount of K-Marks.
  • An amount of Faction Reputation for the faction the quest was from.
  • An item, such as a piece of Gear or a Keycard.
  • The following types of rewards are exclusive to the Fortuna's Favored campaign from Badum logo colored.pngBadum:
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