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Cosmetics are decorative non gameplay altering items that are used to personalize your character and weapons in The Cycle: Frontier. They can be purchased directly for Aurum via Windfall's shop, or they can also be earned as rewards from other events such as the Fortuna pass shop (For more information on the shops see Prospect Station).

The current available cosmetics can be used to decorate Prospectors and their respective outfits, Weapons, your personal Drop pod, and more. While cosmetics do change the textures and models of the player and their arsenal, they do not affect actual gameplay performance of the player in any way.

Types of cosmetics

  • Archetypes, which defines how the Prospector looks. Some parts of an archetype can be used with other archetypes as well.
  • Banners, placed holograms to stake a claim to a location or to express emotion.
  • Charms, a trinket that can be added to any weapon.
  • Chests, outfit pieces that define how the Prospector looks.
  • Coatings, skins that can be applied to any weapon.
  • Drop pods, a way to spice up your drop pod with interesting designs.
  • Emotes, a way to express emotion in the form of dances and other moves.
  • Melees, which make the melee weapon look different.
  • Weapon skins, a skin that is exclusive to a single type of Weapon.
  • Sprays, a type of graffiti that can be sprayed onto any surface.


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