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The ICA Oil Pump is an endgame activity that prospectors unlock by finishing quests for ICA


A small pump called down from space, the ICA Oil Pump offers prospectors the possibility to gather NiC Oil Cannisters.


The Oil Pump can be called down on oil veins to gather NiC Oil Cannister.

While coming down from the sky, the Oil Pump creates noise and is clearly visible and prospectors should stay aware of their surroundings. As the Oil Pump is on the grund and pumping, a large flame will be coming out of the top, clearly lighting up the pump if done in the dark.

In order to attain a Oil Pump, prospectors need to first reach the ICA quest <ADD QUEST HERE> which provides prospectors with <X amount> of Oil Pumps and the ability to craft more.

After aquiring a Oil Pump, prospectors can find oil veins in the Abandoned Oil Field, Pinnacle Labs, Oasis and Skeleton areas of Crescent Falls. These oil veins will be covered by black rocks that can be easily removed by a pickaxe to allow for oil to spour out. Once a oil vein is opened, prospects can place down the beacon for their Oil Pump in order to call down the pump from Prospect Station to pump the oil.


Yield from Oil Pumps are 1-5 NIC Oil Cannisters based on how much Oil that spourts out from the vein after mining it open. The more oil that comes out of a vein, the more yield will be gathered.

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