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The Melee weapon is always available for every player regardless of their loadout. The Melee weapon has a basic and a charged attack. Performing any attack with a melee weapon costs stamina.

  • The basic attack has 45Damage and 10Penetration. This is a quick swipe with no charge up time.
  • The charged attack has 70Damage 12Penetration. This is an attack that requires holding down the attack button to charge it. It can be let go at any moment to make the attack. While the attack is charged, the prospector moves slower.


Combat Knife is a default melee weapon available for every player. Additional cosmetic variation can be obtained through different means. Players can use character customization screen to change melee weapon appearance. All melee skins have the same exact stats.

List of melee cosmetics

This is an incomplete list of all melee cosmetics in The Cycle: Frontier.

List of Melee Cosmetics

Prospector's Machete


Scouting Axe

Specialist's Hatchet

Carbon Axe

Hunter's Choice

Lion's Claw

Combat Knife

Station Wrench

The Hard Hitter


Charged Sonicblade

Prism Sonicblade

Ceremonial Sonicblade

SpecOps Blade

Ardent Battle Blade

Paladin Battle Blade

Elite Paladin Blade

Veteran's Memento
Sweet Tooth

Wicked Blade

Veltecite Dagger

The Backhand

Ronin Tanto

Ceremonial Tanto

Vibrant Tanto

Head Smasher Bat

Caution Bat

Spiked Bat

Breaker Bat

Marshal's Baton

Worn Baton

Peacekeeper's Baton

Bounty Hunter's Wrecker

Elite Axe

Specialist Machete

Professional Blade

Initiate Wrench

Well Used Knife

Survivor's Blade

Cultist Skewer

Burning Blade

Cultist Ritual Blade

Cultist Blackened Skewer

Explorer's Cleaver

Tharis Cutter

Tharis Cleaver

Update history

Patch 2.8.0
  • Damage reduced from 45 to 40
  • This is to address the "one-shotting" of our fellow Striders, an unintentional result in Patch 2.7.0 when we tuned their health.
Patch 2.2.0
  • You can charge your heavy melee attack when sprinting again, setting you once more on a warpath to unbridled mayhem and fury
Patch 2.1.0
  • You can sprint while charging a melee attack
  • Your sprinting speed is however reduced while charging a melee attack
Patch 1.4.0
  • Improved general fluidity and responsiveness of the heavy melee strike, so delivering very hard head bonks should be a smoother experience
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