Laser Drill

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Laser Drill
Faction Korolev

The Korolev Laser Drill is an endgame activity that prospectors unlock by finishing quests for Korolev


Called down from space and standing as a massive structure, the Korolev Laser Drill offers prospectors the possibility to mine Letium.


The Laser Drill consist of 3 main floors.

  • The bottom floor where prospectors enter the Laser Drill, with stairs to the middle floor.
  • The middle floor where the control room of the Laser Drill is, as well as the Laser Drill Head. It also has stairs to the top floor.
  • The top floor where prospectors can get onto the roof of the Laser Drill, which gives a wide vantage point of the area.

Laser Drill Beacon

A Laser Drill Beacon is required to call down a Laser Drill at a Letium Vein. Finishing Heavy Construction Part 9 gives prospectors the ability to craft Laser Drill Beacons, as well as giving them one. However, finishing this mission is not required to be able to use a Laser Drill Beacon.


  1. After attaining a Laser Drill Beacon, prospectors need to visit the surface of Fortuna III and find a Letium Vein, a large green geyser. The geysers are found on Crescent Falls. The Laser Drill Beacon needs to be placed on the Letium Vein.
  2. As soon as a Laser Drill has been called in, it will start coming in from the sky. The Laser Drill takes approximately 2min to land and due to its massive size & noise it makes during this stage, any prospector on the map will be alerted of the Laser Drill.
  3. When the Laser Drill has landed and lowered its ramps, prospectors can enter it. Once secured, the Laser Drill can be turned on from the Control Room on the middle floor.
  4. When turned on, Laser Drill will ramp up and start drilling the Letium using a high-powered laser that will disintegrate anything that it comes in contact with, including prospectors.
  5. Every 33% of power used by the Laser Drill will cause it to dump it's current yield into 3 containers located on the drill as following.
    • Bottom floor, right next to the laser.
    • Middle floor back in the corner above one of the ramps.
    • On the ramp up to the top floor, right next to the control room.
  6. After around 9min the Laser Drill will have used 100% of its power, and the Laser Drill will dump the last yield into the containers before triggering a low-energy alarm. Once this alarm is triggered, prospectors have 40 seconds to grab the last yield and get off before the Laser Drill uses its reserve fuel to fly back to Prospect Station for refueling. Any prospectors on the Laser Drill when it exits the atmosphere will suffocate due to low oxygen.
  7. The time it takes to land plus the time it takes to complete the drilling sequence lasts 9min to 10min .


The yield dumped into containers mainly consist of Letium, but other minerals are also found such as Titan Ore, Focus Crystals and Pure Veltecite. There are three loot containers on the drill. Each container has the same loot chances for each phase, following the next table. From each drill, there is a minimum of 21 Letium and a maximum of 36 Letium.

Loot per container
Item Chance Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Letium 100% 1x 2x 4x
Letium 50% 1x 2x 2x
Titan Ore 50% 1x 1x 1x
Focus Crystal 50% 1x 1x
Pure Veltecite 50% 1x

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