Drop pod

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An open Drop Pod after deploying on Fortuna III

The Drop Pod is a small single-manned vessel used to transport prospectors to Fortuna III.

Players can choose to decorate their Drop Pods with purchased or unlocked cosmetics.

Abandoned Drop Pod

There are Abandoned Drop Pods all over Fortuna III. These drop pods are always there - they are not an indication that a prospector dropped at that location. The drop pods are rusty and overgrown with foliage. There typically is a Consumable Box and a ground Weapon spawn next to it.

Three abandoned drop pods near South East Uplink

List of droppod cosmetics

This is an incomplete list of all drop pod cosmetics in The Cycle: Frontier. A drop pod skin can be equipped from the cosmetics menu in the Prospect Station. Upon deploying on Fortuna III, the drop pod replace the drop pods default appearance.

List of drop pod cosmetics

Vanity Droppod Anubis.png

Anubis Division Entry Vehicle

Vanity Droppod Americana.png

Frontier Spirit Lander

Vanity Droppod Paladin.png

Korolev Paladin Lander

Vanity Droppod Vaporwave.png

The Hundredth Fall

Vanity Droppod Syndicate.png

Gilded Carriage

Vanity Droppod Splashy.png

Artistic Splashdown

Vanity Droppod Streamer.png


Vanity Droppod Ronin.png

War Spirit

Vanity Droppod ArtDeco.png

Art Deco

Vanity Droppod Graffiti.png


Vanity Droppod Marshal.png

Marshal's Steed

Vanity Droppod Chrome.png


DropPod Omega01 Cultist.png

Cultist's Shell

DropPod Omega01 VeteranExplorer.png

Exploratory Vessel
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