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A placed Tipsy Drone Spray

A spray is a type of Cosmetic in The Cycle: Frontier. They can be placed down on any surface through the cosmetic menu wheel.


  • Once five sprays are placed down, placing another one will remove the first placed one.

List of Sprays

This is an incomplete list of all sprays in The Cycle: Frontier.

List of sprays

Alpha Hunter


The Perfect Campsite

Fortune's Crown


Leafman (Spray)

Sniper Sight (Spray)

Cracked Moon

Press F!

F's in chat

Screw U! (Spray)

Dirtbeast King

Spike Ahead!

Little Explodey Boy

Mini Ronin

Prime Time

ICA Propaganda

Korolev Propaganda

Osiris Propaganda

Lil' Leafenstein

Grinning Jack o'lantern

Angry Yelling

Confused Spitter (Spray)

Fight Me! (Spray)

Good Job!

Egg Swipe (Spray)

This is fine (Spray)

Salty? (Spray)

Spiked! (Spray)

Time for tea (Spray)

Tipsy Drone (Spray)

The Holiday Express

Special Operations Unit (Spray)

Marshal's Badge (Spray)
Research Bot

Old School is Still Cool!

Showdown (Spray)

Overdrive (Spray)

Going Dark

Osiris Sigil - Green

Lil' Rock Hunter

You are being watched

A Guarded Mind

Tharis' Prize

Chomp! (Spray)

The All-Seeing (Spray)
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