Scanning Module

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Scanning Module Slot icon
Scanning Module Slot icon

Scanning Modules are a type of attachment in The Cycle: Frontier. It can be equipped on the Scanner. There are four variants, each with a different Rarity and effect.



Type Rarity Effect Source
Veltecite Scanning Module.pngVeltecite Scanning Module CommonRarity.svgCommon can highlight Veltecite while scanning
Titan Ore Scanning Module.pngTitan Ore Scanning Module UncommonRarity.svgUncommon can highlight (Brittle) Titan Ore while scanning
Focus Crystal Scanning Module.pngFocus Crystal Scanning Module RareRarity.svgRare can highlight (Pure) Focus Crystals while scanning
Crude Oil Scanning Module.pngCrude Oil Scanning Module EpicRarity.svgEpic can highlight active Crude Oil Wells while scanning


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