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An Advocate with the LootBoy coating.

A Coating is a type of Cosmetic in The Cycle: Frontier. They can be equipped to a weapon through the attachment menu. A coating can be applied to any weapon, unlike a Weapon Skin.


  • The coating can be equipped to a weapon from the weapon cosmetic menu.
  • The coating is equipped only to that specific weapon, not to any other weapon in your inventory, even if they are the same weapon.
  • Upon picking up a weapon from another player that has a coating on it, the gun in your inventory will have that same coating.

List of coatings

This is an incomplete list of all coatings in The Cycle: Frontier.

List of Coatings

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 blue orange copy.png

Blue & Orange

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 yellow black.png

Black & Yellow

Vanity WeaponSkin 1 chrome.png

Shiny & Chrome

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 pink white.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Maze.png

Interwoven - Red

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 blue maze.png

Interwoven - Blue

Vanity WeaponSkin 1 green.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Military.png

Jungle Camo

Vanity WeaponSkin Urban.png

Urban Camo

Vanity WeaponSkin Marine.png

Ocean Camo

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 black gold.png

Black & Gold

Vanity WeaponSkin 2Highlight grey green brown.png

Foundation Green

Vanity WeaponSkin Zebrawing.png

Zebrawing Green

Vanity WeaponSkin Scaledigger.png

Scaledigger Dark

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 Brown Blue.png

Brown & Blue

Vanity WeaponSkin White orange.png

White & Gold

Vanity WeaponSkin 2 Black Red.png

Black & Red

Vanity WeaponSkin Veltecite01.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Zeal01.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Desolation.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Zebrawing02.png

Zebrawing Blue

Vanity WeaponSkin Scaledigger02.png

Scaledigger Light

Vanity WeaponSkin Redblue.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Mag.png

Vanity Coating Vanity All Christmas04.png
Holiday Spirit

Vanity WeaponSkin Shatter01.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Shatter02.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Shatter03.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Shatter04.png

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Americana 01.png
Burnished Nickel
Vanity WeaponSkin Christmas01.png
Winter Wishes

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Anubis 01.png

Navy Division

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Anubis 02.png


Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Anubis 03.png

Ultramarine Division

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 01.png

Demia Merc

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 02.png

Violet & Pearl

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 03.png


Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 04.png

Neon Mesh

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 05.png

Golden Dragon

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Runaway 06.png

River Wyrm

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Americana 02.png

Bronze Finish

Vanity Season02 Coating Vanity All Americana 03.png

Polished Bronze

Vanity Coating Vanity All TriGreen.png

Viridian Tessellation

Vanity Coating Vanity All TriMagenta.png

Crimson Tessellation

Vanity WeaponSkin CircuitYellowBlue.png


Vanity Coating Vanity All TriWhiteBlue.png

Ivory Tessellation

Vanity Coating Vanity All ZebraYellowGreen.png

Striped - Poison

Vanity Coating Vanity All ZebraRedBlue.png

Striped - Hunter

Vanity Coating Vanity All ZebraBlue.png

Striped - Runner

Vanity Coating Vanity All ZebraRed.png

Striped - Stalker

Vanity Coating Vanity All ZebraPink.png

Striped - Venom

Vanity WeaponSkin CircuitGreen.png

Terminal Output

Vanity WeaponSkin CircuitBrown.png

Net Connector

Vanity Coating Vanity All DotsGrey.png


Vanity Coating Vanity All DotsPurple.png

Party Dots

Vanity Coating Vanity All Fries01.png

The Side Order

Vanity Coating Vanity All Egg01.png

Biofusion Green

Vanity Coating Vanity All Egg02.png

Biofusion Violet

Vanity Coating Vanity All Egg03.png

Biofusion Gold
Vanity WeaponSkin Christmas02.png
Crimson Snow

Vanity Coating Vanity All Egg04.png

Biofusion Cyan

Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 1.png

Pink Bands

Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 2.png


Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 3.png

Interstellar Orange

Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 4.png

Scanner Lines

Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 5.png

Toxic Warrior

Vanity WeaponSkin Season3 6.png

Cool Blue

Vanity Coating Vanity All Gradient06.png

Chrome Shift

Vanity Coating Vanity All Gradient07.png

Neon Wave

Vanity Coating Vanity All Striped05.png

Lethal Red

Vanity Coating Vanity All Striped06.png

Kingsnake Stripes

Vanity Coating Vanity All Shatter05.png


Vanity Coating Vanity All Shatter06.png

Sapphire Warrior

Vanity Coating Vanity All Circuit03.png

Technical Green

Vanity Coating Vanity All Circuit04.png

Control Pattern

Vanity Coating Vanity All Christmas03.png

The Season's Greeting
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