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An Advocate with The Rat Charm

A Charm is a type of Cosmetic in The Cycle: Frontier. They are tiny cosmetic trinkets that can be equipped to a specific Weapon.


  • The charm can be equipped to a weapon from the weapon cosmetic menu.
  • The charm is equipped only to that specific weapon, not to any other weapon in your inventory, even if they are the same weapon.
  • Upon picking up a weapon from another playethat has a charm on it, the gun in your inventory will have that same charm.

List of charms

This is an incomplete list of all charms in The Cycle: Frontier.

List of Emotes


Golden Teaspoon

Sniper Sight (Charm)

Veltecite Shard

Leafman (Charm)

Golden Leafman

Brute (Charm)

Alpha Warden


Peace & Love (Charm)


Split Heart - Left

Split Heart - Right

Shattered Heart - Blitz

Shattered Heart - Baron

Broken Heart - HandOfBlood

Broken Heart - Kalle

Delicious Fruit

Corvus Blade

The Rat


Steel Jaws

Osiris Drone

Winter Gift

The Cycle Shirt

Jack o'lantern

King of the Zeal - Orange

King of the Zeal - Red
Gingerbread Strider

King of the Zeal - Yellow

King of the Zeal - Green

King of the Zeal - Blue

King of the Zeal - Purple

King of the Zeal - Cursed

Zeal Shard

Starlight Song Spaceman

Alien Fang


Marshal Badge

Marshal Cuffs (Charm)


Rattler Grub

Baby Strider
Gingerbread Rattler

Lil' Jeff

Lil' Archaeologist Pal

Tharis Ingot

Spare Keycard

Harbinger Expeditionary Corps (Charm)

Meteor Shard (Charm)

The Mystery

Risk of Shock!

Tiny Trophy

Explorer's Helmet

Chibi Crusher


Encased Veltecite

Veltecite Sample

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